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Multiplayer Game Reviews

October 8, 2010

Ezmuze+ Hamst3r Edition

Filed under: Other, Paid, Tools & Utilities, XBoxNina S. @ 05:33

When I first decided to download this “game” I ended up surprised. That’s because Ezmuze+ Hamst3r Edition is not a game, per say. It’s fun to mess around with and it’s fun to share your creations afterward but chances are you’re going to miss the warm fuzzies you usually get when you’ve spent two hours of your life staring at a screen filled with neon lights. That is, unless you’re a music nut.

Ezmuze+ Hamst3r Edition isn’t a game with magical hamsters. Instead it’s a music making tool for those of us who want to create and share with our friends. The tool is fine itself. I’m not sure if you can use what you make commercially or not, but learning to use it wasn’t too difficult. Mastering it will take time and interest but to make something quick and simple you won’t have much trouble there.

Ezmuze+ Hamst3r Edition is a bit more expensive than most of the games you’ll find on the marketplace. I did, however, look up some prices for music making software and by comparison it’s not really all that bad. If you’re someone looking for a hobby to pick up you may want to take a look at this tool. On the other hand, if you’re just looking to have a good time this might not be the best way to spend your time.

The tutorials are helpful and well explained by they’re still teaching you a skill that feels a lot like work if your heart isn’t into it. I took it upon myself to look up some of the music created by Emuze+ Hamst3r Edition, though, and I was pleasantly surprised. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort you can make some extremely impressive music. The only thing about this, is that it is just like everything else: you get what you put into it.

Ezmuze+ Hamst3r Edition


Making some beautiful music together!

Game: Ezmuze+ Hamst3r Edition | Developer: madninjaskillz

August 21, 2010

Let’s Learn Japanese: Beginner

Filed under: Girl's Choice, Other, Paid, Tools & Utilities, XBoxNina S. @ 07:50

Let’s Learn Japanese: Beginner isn’t a complex game. For starters the premise is presented clear as day in the title. No gimmicks, no confusing double meanings. This is a game that knows exactly what it is and tells you so straight up. If you play it you will most assuredly learn Japanese well enough to move on to your next step in the language. Keep in mind that this game is for beginners. It does a wonderful job at getting you started but you won’t necessarily be ready to tackle a conversation with the natives after you’ve mastered it.

Many of us have tried to learn a different language at one point or another. Either we were forced to as an elective in school, our parents pressured us to, we had to learn for a job, or my personal excuse: we wanted to be able to watch more anime. Whatever the case may be we all know its not as easy as it looks. Especially not with Japanese.

You don’t really expect to learn much with video games unless you’re rocking the Leap Frog. I’ve personally tried just about every coach I could find for my DS but to no avail. It just doesn’t stick for some reason. I will, however, tell you that I ended up purchasing the entire game for Let’s Learn Japanese: Beginner. I think it’s a fantastic tool that tackles a difficult problem just by offering the answer in a different, more understandable form.

Let’s Learn Japanese: Beginner is a little different by way of set up for this language. Instead of teaching you words first, it starts with the alphabet. A lot of times these things do that reversed because the Japanese alphabet can be so daunting for Americans. We tend to “learn” better with active implications than with memorization. If you haven’t been learning thus far this may be your problem. Most language aids teach you to memorize information rather than to incorporate it into your thought processes. This game is different.

Ultimately I would recommend this game to anyone who wants to do as the title says. You won’t be able to speak it fluently with this one tool alone and really that’s how it should be. Instead you’ll get the building blocks you will need to be able to understand enough of the basics to build a solid and long lasting understanding of this complex language.

Let’s Learn Japanese: Beginner


A tool disguised as a game!

Game: Let’s Learn Japanese: Beginner | Developer: GZ Storm Games

June 29, 2010 (Socializing)

Filed under: Free, Girl's Choice, Macintosh, Tools & Utilities, WindowsNina S. @ 04:32

At this point there are more than likely millions of chat rooms and chat sites out in the world of the internet. There are also millions of websites that are for casual gamers who just want to spend a few hours having fun. Maybe there are even thousands of websites that do both and try to cater to both of these audiences, but in all my years of lazily surfing the internet I have yet to find one that does it quite as well as hits the nail on the head, mostly in a seemingly effortless fashion. I’m not sure how they managed to create an atmosphere that is at once relaxing and entertaining but they have done just that. is filled with people who like to have fun, who are, for lack of a better word…nice. I know niceness over the net can be kind of a challenge to find. Too often you see people who get into a state of anonymous rudeness that spreads like a dark cloud over a chat room or game room. It’s so easy to be a jerk when you feel you won’t suffer any consequences from doing so. Still, here, in a tiny corner of the internet, there seems to be something in the virtual air surrounding that promotes a general sense of well being and respect.

Now, for the most part, is a game website. That’s what you see when you log on, and that’s how you spend most of your time, but that’s not all it is. There are easy to set up, in depth character profiles available for those individuals who want to communicate with other players. These profiles allow you not only to connect with people who like the same types of games and pastimes as you, it also lets you get to know your opponents.

Maybe it’s just me but for some reason I manage to be a lot calmer when I know who I’m playing against. There is also the added bonus of recognizing the different levels of skill between the players. Whatever their secret is, has a great bunch of people playing their games and the community is only growing. So, if you’re a laidback individual who likes to chat, play games, and make new friends I would strongly suggest making a profile and mingling a little. You’d be surprised how worth your time it can be.


What do you say?

Game: Spogg | Developer: Spogg

March 14, 2010

Platform Racing 2

One of the very first things you’ll notice about Platform Racing 2 is that it is almost purely user created. That’s right. Instead of tucking away the design tools in a secret vault in Nevada, the game creator placed them right inside the game. Do you want a level that is super easy to help you hone your skills? Make it. Do you want a level that is so excruciatingly hard that it will make even hardcore gamers scream and toss their computers out the window? Go ahead, make it.

Races sometimes offer extra body parts so you can customize your character.

Most platformers have payers run, jump, and dodge their ways through a series of levels, trying only to get from start to finish. Platform Racing 2 doesn’t follow this formula. Instead, it pits you against up to 3 other people in a race to the finish. Along the way, you’ll find powerups to help you gain an edge over your competitors à la MarioKart. Grab a speed boost, a jetpack, or even a bolt of lightning that stops opponents dead in their tracks.

As a reward, players receive XP based on how many opponents they beat through the level. There’s a bit of consolation XP too, even if you come in last place. The more XP you gain, the higher you level. The higher you level, the more races will be available to you and the higher you can crank your stats.

On top of XP, sometimes races offer body parts for the player who comes in first place. These go into your inventory, and you can use them to customize the look of your character. And for further customization, you can sometimes earn hats that give you permanent bonuses. Players often have these hats knocked off by obstacles on the course, so watch out for those explosive blocks! If you beat your opponents to the fallen item, you can wear it on top of yours. So while you can’t go into a race wearing more than one hat, it is quite possible to finish wearing four. And yes, you would receive the bonuses from all four hats combined. (Hint: if you play Platform Racing 2 on Kongregate, you’ll be given an exclusive K hat that gives you 1.25x the XP gain.)

Platform Racing 2 has sort of a homemade look to it, but don’t let that distract you from the addictive gameplay. Build your own custom levels and add some friends for a truly wonderful gaming experience.

The level editor allows you to create your own levels from scratch.

Platform Racing 2


Build your own custom levels and race your friends online.

Game: Platform Racing 2 | Developer: Jiggmin

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