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April 23, 2011

Din’s Curse: Demon War

Filed under: Adventure & RPG, Macintosh, Paid, WindowsTaylorLF @ 05:26

Din’s Curse: Demon War is the expansion brought out by Soldak Entertainment to add-on to their already unique action-RPG, Din’s Curse. Building upon the foundation they already had, they give the original game a small boost with a variety of things. New class, new monsters, new char options, new world options, and a few new monsters.

First, let’s look at the new character class. The Demon Hunter has 3 skill trees to work with, mostly melee focused with a few spells to use. The first tree being sort of a shadow knight type deal, the second being more of an arcane fighter, and the last being a caster who can end up controlling monsters for a limited time. ¬†Adding his three trees brings the total customization up from 141 class combinations (through the regular class trees and the hybrid trees) to a whopping 196 customizations for characters. That’s a ton given the small choices we usually get to make in the genre.

One of the biggest changes is a whole slew of new creation options. More character options, like losing your mini-map, only letting yourself equip higher quality items, making food a necessity. It gets better with the new options to the world. Making enemies weaker but making a whole hoard of them, changing dungeon size, how much the NPCs interact. All this is added onto the already fairly customizable original game, there’s a lot to play around with.

There are a few new actual monsters, most just got a reskin or some extras, like tails or wings. Adding this with new environments to explore, it adds a bit of fresh life into a game that you might start re-seeing the same things occasionally since it creates the world each time you start a new one.

One of the best new modes put in when you don’t feel like dungeon crawling is an invasion mode. Waves of monsters attack the town immediately, so it provides you something to do when you just want to fight waves and waves of enemies.

In the end though, it adds a handful of things to an already fairly good game. Though to be honest if you don’t use any of the new character options or world editing options, the game is fairly the same. However what it does add shouldn’t be overlooked, and it’s worthy of a purchase just for all the new options.

The game is as enjoyable as it ever was, and I’m looking forward to further developments towards the game and future protects of the company.

Din’s Curse: Demon War


An expansion that adds just enough to keep things interesting.

Game: Din’s Curse: Demon War | Developer: Soldak Entertainment

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