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Multiplayer Game Reviews

April 15, 2011

Shadow Complex

Filed under: Action & Shooter, Paid, XBoxTaylorLF @ 05:49

Shadow Complex is one of those games that makes me appreciate we’re in a time where smaller, but great quality games can be downloaded to your console. Of course with such ease you have titles that are very basic and pushed out just for fodder, but when a rare gem comes through you notice it and appreciate it even more. Luckily, Shadow Complex is one of those that was actually done well.

You star as Jason Bailey, a man who is trying to impress some chick he just met by going cave diving with her. You explore, things happen, she gets kidnapped, and like all sane men trying to impress the ladies he busts into a secret underground, private military base to save her. The action takes place as a side scroller in 2D fashion, akin to the likes of Metroid (old Metroid mind you, not this new Wii FPS stuff). You explore, filling out the map and sometimes coming across gaps or doors you can do nothing about.  Pretty much like Metroid. You gain new weapons which can blast open certain doors/walls (missiles for red, grenades for green, foam gun for purple), like Metroid. You even get a hookshot that lets you cling to surfaces, like….Metroid? You know what, if you played either Metroid or Super Metroid, you’ve played Shadow Complex.  There are collectables to find, like increased missle or grenade capacity, new guns, new armors, equipment that lets you explore better, gold bars that unlock gold versions of your firearms, and keycards that unlock the best armor in the game (pretty much invulnerability, but it’s at the very end of the game so not very handy).

The graphics are very well done. Even for a 2D game, the developers used the unreal engine to make everything look real nice and crisp like. It’s a shame that while most of the game takes place underground, the surface is what really shines (literally). The music is nice, though nothing to get excited over.

Overall, Shadow Complex is a great game. If you like the whole 2d exploration, Metroid themed game play anyway. If you’ve never played Metroid, or any sort of 2D exploring game, give the demo a shot. You might like it. Or if you’re into Orson Scott Card’s book “Empire”, the story is set in that world. Either way you look at it, it’s a game to try.

Shadow Complex


Great, 2D, Metroid-style game.

Game: Shadow Complex | Developer: Chair Entertainment

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