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April 12, 2011

Total War: Shogun 2

Filed under: OtherLucjan @ 05:41

Let me start by saying I’ve always been a fan of the Total War series. I started playing it when it first came out with the original Shogun, and I played it all the way through to Empires. I lost interest with Empires and its very, very boring “stand in a line and shoot at each other” style of napoleonic warfare. It basically took all the maneuvering and battlefield awareness strategies that made all of its predecessors fun and threw them out the window.

Shogun 2 gets back to the series’ roots and knocks the ball out of the park in every aspect. I don’t think they could have done any better than they did with Shogun 2 (following a few minor tweaks that fixed all the initial noticeable problems with a couple small patches). There’s a great deal of immersion in the storyline and the time period. The graphics are phenomenal. There’s excellent sound and voice acting, period specific music, unit design and ambiance. I could go on forever about how much better Shogun 2 is than any of it’s predecessors. But mostly, the biggest new feature to Shogun 2 is a much, much more player friendly multiplayer version of the game.

Melee Combat

Total War has increasingly become main stream, and with that they’ve increasingly been working on upping their multiplayer game. And they’ve done a fantastic job with this release. The avatar conquest map makes everything very unique in that it gives the player a goal to work towards besides just beating the other guy. There’s unlockable retainers, troops, and avatar gear that give incentive to keep playing, as well as achievements that have just become a mandatory must for any any new game released for any platform.

Enemies Advance on a Castle

One of the coolest things they’ve implemented is the multiplayer campaign, and the “drop-in” combat for single player campaigns that allows players to let other real people “drop in” to their single player campaign to fight a battle as the ai opponents army. Essentially, you may be playing a single player campaign, but when you’re fighting your battles, you can be playing against a real person if you choose to do so.

Five stars for Shogun 2 from me, across the board. Hopefully CA will be able to keep up this level of quality with their next release!

Total War: Shogun 2


Utterly fantastic.

Game: Shogun 2| Developer: Creative Assembly

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