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April 11, 2011

Socom 4: Multiplayer BETA

Filed under: OtherLucjan @ 05:31

After having been a MAG addict for quite a while now, I almost didn’t notice the Socom 4 release was creeping up rather quickly. Without a second thought I downloaded the free Beta multiplayer version on the PS3 and hopped into the game. It’s a third person, over the shoulder shoorter that plays fantastically well to a genre increasingly popularizing games of it’s style. The Gears of War series and a few others always do really well, but it’s important to note that there needs to be a few key ingredients for a game like this to work.

Firstly, it needs to look nice, and Socom 4 does that very well. There’s a very natural appearance to everything that doesn’t look overly gritty or overly cartoonish at any given time. Nothing is too clean, but nothing looks otherworldy either. The over the shoulder camera gives you an excellent view of the battlefield, including a peripheral vision that’s lost on first person shooters, and makes battlefield awareness that much easier. The sound plays well into the game’s immersion and doesn’t bring anything less to the table than it needs to. It also isn’t so overwhelming that you can’t communicate via headset with the other players on your team.


The multiplayer system is very well set-up and offers plenty of options to get you into the game. You can either join a friend or scroll through a list of various interesting game types to get into the thick of things. This is, however, a beta, and it should be noted that as things stand now, it is subject to change based on what does and does not work out well from a technical and gameplay aspect based on the response the company gets from the beta players. I’m not anticipating much complaint though.

Nice graphics.

Honestly, the only problem I had with the way things were going was that it seemed like the game would occassionally spawn you right at the front line. So occassionally it seemed like you’d get shot awfully quickly after respawning. And the camera would occassionally bounce when you tried to aim at a location where the camera seemed it was running into a wall or object behind you. Other than that, it’s looking out to be a pretty good game.

Socom 4: Multiplayer BETA


Looking good so far.

Game: Socom 4 | Developer: Zipper Interactive

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