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April 7, 2011

Zen of Sudoku

Filed under: Girl's Choice, Other, Paid, Puzzle & Casual, WindowsNina S. @ 05:10

Zen of Sudoku is what all Sudoku games should be.

After writing that sentence I really wanted to pack this review in and call it a day but I didn’t think my bosses would like it. Seriously, though, it says everything you need to know about Zen of Sudoku. I suppose there’s a chance that you don’t know much about Sudoku in the first place, so I guess I’ll explain that and why this game is wonderful.

Sudoku is a game about lines and blocks. Take a look at the pictures on this review. You’ll see that there are nine squares big squares, which have nine smaller squares in them. Sudoku is a puzzle in which you are given some set numbers in those blocks and you have to fill in the rest. You fill them so that every line and larger block only has one of the available numbers, which are 1-9. You win the game when you have the entire board filled with numbers, with no repeats on any lines horizontally, in one big square, or vertically.

The game is meant to be a challenge but mostly, it’s relaxing. It’s a puzzle that kind of puts you in the mood for a nap, but in a good way. You’re using your mind, working that muscle but you’re also strengthening your mental capabilities.

Zen of Sudoku is everything you’d expect from a good Sudoku game because it’s calming at the same time as challenging. You play the game on a backdrop of soothing sounds and soft music. It sets you up to learn and expand your mind.

Obviously, this isn’t a game for anyone who doesn’t like Sudoku. That’s all it is, after all. On the other hand, if you do like it or are even just interested in trying it out, this is a cheap and easy way to learn. The game has several different levels and the learning curve is nice and realistic. There are even hints if you get stuck that will tell you what numbers you should be focusing on or if you have something down that isn’t correct. All in all, this is a great game. You can pick up a new, beneficial pastime and spend a few hours actually bettering your thinking abilities. Also, there are pretty pictures. And who doesn’t love pretty pictures when playing a video game for a few hours?

Zen of Sudoku


Stillness. Work.

Game: Zen of Sudoku | Developer: Unknown Worlds

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