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Multiplayer Game Reviews

April 6, 2011

Cloning Clyde

Filed under: Adventure & RPG, Paid, Puzzle & Casual, WindowsNina S. @ 05:13

The first thing I want to say about Cloning Clyde is that I wanted to play it the moment I saw that nice little backless hospital down. You know from the get-go that this is going to be a funny game and you’re not going to be disappointed when you start it up. This is definitely something to play while you’re trying to unwind and just find a good place to go after a long day.

Something that surprised me about the game was how challenging it was to play. It’s kind of like a frat boy you meet outside of a college party. He’s dressed like an idiot, reeking of booze, but then you find out he’s a Philosophy major and he actually knows his stuff. I wasn’t expecting Cloning Clyde to be anything more than kung fu fun, but there it was: beautiful graphics, a smooth rendering, and puzzle. Oh my goodness, the puzzles.

Now, this game is a platformer. You run around various stages, gathering items for achievements, as well as to further your game place, but in order to get the real points you have to not only save Clyde and his fellow clones, you have to utilize them to meet your goals. As you’re moving throughout a level you can make clones to do the standard clone-things. You use them to stand on buttons, climb on, and ultimately make it through the hoops that is platform life.

The challenges come when you have to get those clones out as well. When I first started playing I assumed that I would just have to back track and walk each clone up. It would have been entertaining but I wouldn’t have broken a sweat over it. Instead, if you’re like me, you’ll find yourself trying to work it out so that your clones exit the building just as smoothly as your original. Which means you may have to spend some time plotting.

Add the pleasant surprise of challenge to short little humor quips, a half naked hero, and ninja skills and this was a game filled with funny action that kept me interested. The comic-esque opening really lets you know where the rest of your time is going to be spent and while some of the jokes fall a little short of hilarious, you can still appreciate the effort. I really enjoyed the vibrant world of Clyde and I think you will too.

Cloning Clyde


Ninja skills + backless hospital gown = Awesome Sauce.

Game: Cloning Clyde | Developer: Bacon Wrapped Games

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