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March 30, 2011

Breath of Death VII: The Beginning

Filed under: Adventure & RPG, Paid, XBoxTaylorLF @ 04:08

When I looked at the initial screenshots for Breath of Death VII: The Beginning, it made my insides all happy. An old-school RPG with both 8 and 16 bit influences, I was thrilled to say the least. I grew up with my NES/SNES and loving RPGs so it was a natural purchase. It did not disappoint. It poked fun at itself and the typical RPG models (the title itself was a big clue), a slew of references to various games (a town called Motherbound was my favorite), but it was also just a smooth game in general. You play DEM, a “silent” hero who communicates his thoughts to the player but not the group about various situations he gets placed in, while the party assumes what you’re thinking. You get three other party members who fill the other “niche” roles; the kind healer, the weird/quirky/inventor/crazy one, and of course the nobility guy. It’s not a RPG without someone being nobility. It sounds typical, and it is, but it’s satirical.

The game play is what I’d expect from an old RPG. Exploring the world, dungeon crawling, going to towns, leveling up, it’s all there. The leveling system is a bit different, giving you a choice which path you want to go down when you level up each time. Examples would be choosing between one of two spells during one level up and a big boost to a couple stats vs. an overall increase during another. It gives some customization, but not a whole lot. One of the things I loved though was how they did the battles and the battle system. For one, finishing a battle heals everyone to full. They have random battles which you can semi fast forward through after you pick your options, but what I liked was that there were a set number of battles you could get into, even on the world map. You go into a building with fifty battles in it, you random battle fifty people and you get no more encounters so you can explore without annoyance. The best part was you could also make a fight happen, which if you coupled that with a save point that sets both your health and magic to full plus the ability to go through battles quick, you could sit there and grind out the required number in no time at all. Cheating the system? Maybe, but one of the big reasons I don’t explore in most RPGs is because I’d rather not waste a lot of my time fighting battles against an endless stream of enemies and a loading screen. On the plus side though, if you need to grind still for a boss you can choose to fight and you’ll still get into a battle even if you have no more random battles left.

The graphics and sounds are to be expected from an older game. Nothing fancy or mind blowing, but nostalgic. They look, feel, and sound like something from the 8/16 bit era. If you enjoyed those games, you’ll enjoy this. If you’re a more modern gamer who scoffs at something that isn’t in a 3D space, then you won’t.

It’s a great game. It only costs a dollar, and it’s a dollar extremely well spent. That is, of course, if you enjoy old school RPG look and feel while playing one that pokes fun at itself and the genre itself. It’s meant to be a parody or satirical but also be an awesome game. If you’ve played any RPGs on the NES or SNES, you owe it to yourself to at least check it out. Only if you have an Xbox 360, though.

Breath of Death VII: The Beginning


A venture into the old-school.

Game: Breath of Death VII: The Beginning | Developer: Zeboyd Games

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