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March 22, 2011

Wizard’s Keep

Filed under: Adventure & RPG, Paid, XBoxNina S. @ 05:30

I decided to pick up Wizard’s Keep based on the sole fact that it is made by the same people who made Miner Dig Deep. From what I understand of the developers, it’s just a couple of guys who have a real passion for games. Yes, I realize that that describes a bunch of Indie game developers, but I really like these guys, so leave me alone! Anyway, they put a lot of care and consideration into their games so when I saw this title I jumped on it. Because I’m smart!

Wizard’s Keep was a fantastic game! It wasn’t anything complicated. The art was straight-forward and simple. It was in 2D and it looked like a simple dungeon crawler. Okay, maybe I’m being a little too nice. The art work looks hand-drawn, and not in the good way. It’s very simple, but damnit, it was charming. It was a little dark at times, so if you went into a cave or into a particularly dark corner, you had a tough time figuring out how to get out. It  had awesome little puddles of red when you killed things. On the other hand, the music selection was lovely.

In addition, this game has the fact that you can play it with a friend on its side. True two-player gaming always gets me excited. Even though the game can be played and enjoyed solo it makes it ten thousand times better immediately, just by allowing me to tag a friend along through the adventure.

I wasn’t really expecting it to be, but this really is an RPG. You get stats when you level up and can build your character up however you’d like. It’s nothing intricate, there are four stats and they’re the standard you’d expect. Still, you go forth with your sword and shield and prepare to conquer the evil Wizard and set the world back into rights.

The game is cute. It’s cute blood puddles, barrels you can smash, and cute monsters that you can knock into spikes (though you get no experience for doing that, it’s still hilarious). It’s what I like to see in my Indie games, a solid concept done with clever little nuggets of gold. No, it’s not as pretty as some of the games I’ve played but that’s all right. It makes up for it with charm. I’m giving it the Nina seal of approval.

Wizard’s Keep


Cute crawler!

Game: Wizard’s Keep | Developer: Robir

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