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Multiplayer Game Reviews

March 6, 2011

Tile Trip

Filed under: Paid, Puzzle & Casual, XBoxNina S. @ 07:15

Tile Trip is a board-esque game I ran across in the XBox marketplace. I was really excited about it because it seemed like a good family game and you can play it against the computer or with two players in the comfort of your own house. It was pretty cheap so I didn’t mind buying it straight out based on the reviews, which were lukewarm, but somehow it still had a decent amount of stars.

The artwork and music were cute and simple. The board opens up and it’s just a bunch of squares with gopher holes on two ends and gophers pacing back and forth on the other side. Charming.

The game is supposed to be really simple but it’s like the developers couldn’t be bothered to explain the rules. You have these pipes and it’s obvious you’re supposed to be connecting the gophers to the gopher holes, but there are a number of “rules” about how you can lay the pipes that weren’t explained. Instead you’re kind of expected to weed through the options until you figure it out. I’m all for a little challenge, but it’s a family game. I bought it for two little girls and expected them to be able to figure it out. Instead, I come back to the room ten minutes later and they’re so frustrated they don’t even care about the game anymore. I sat down to explain it to them but it took me a couple of minutes to figure it out myself. By then they were bored with it.

I feel like this could have been a cute, simple game but the complete lack of instructions brought it down a peg. Once I figured out how to play it I sat them down and had them play it again. They ended up having a blast blocking one another and putting pieces together. It was even fun to sit back and watch them laugh at one another when plans were foiled. I caught myself directing and cheering from the sidelines.

Again, I think this was a good game. Besides my initial complaint it seems like it was put together with a measure of care.

Tile Trip


A great game with little explaination.

Game: Tile Trip | Developer: IceClimber

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