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March 1, 2011

Dungeons (Steam Exclusive Edition)

Filed under: Adventure & RPG, Paid, Strategy, WindowsNina S. @ 08:40

I was really excited about playing Dungeons because of the promotional video. They really did it up and did it well. Naturally, I was hoping that the time and effort they seemed to put into the video would be well reflected in the game itself. I went in thinking that if it was even half as good as what they were promising me, I’d be absolutely set.

The basic premise of this game is to be on the other side of the gaming universe. Instead of playing a hero who is traveling through a dungeon and scooping up gold, you’re the demon guy who set up the dungeon and is trying to kill said hero. Only, it’s much more difficult to keep a dungeon in top running condition than you would have thought.

The opening for this game was beautiful. There’s no two ways about it. The rendering was lovely, the voice acting superb, and I love the little things, like the respect for the 4th wall. It really sucks you into the story and allows you to submerge yourself into game play, while still coming up with an easy to understand tutorial.

Now, I did say the tutorial was easy to understand, because it is, but don’t get me wrong. This is a fairly complex game and after two hours of playing I still hadn’t managed to get through the demo. It wasn’t monotony that dragged everything out, here. Instead it was the sheer wealth of “stuff” to do. If I wasn’t clearing walls, or chasing down heroes, I was protecting my dungeon heart, trying to figure out what everything did, and playing with spells. It’s one of those games where you can skate by without trying everything, but you really, really….really want to.

The game is a lot like civilization in the fact that you have to learn to balance everything you have with everything you need. You also need to manage your time well and keep an eye on all of the various points of entry to your dungeon. It’s not easy, trying to expand on one side of the game while figuring out how you’re supposed to guard against heroes and other annoying trespassers, but it’s definitely a good kind of frustration.

Still, even with as much as I enjoyed the game, I didn’t buy it. I realize that the price tag isn’t all that steep for some games, but this is supposed to be an Indie game and I’m a bit wary of spending that much on one. Then again, it’s my understanding that these guys have quite a few popular games out, so maybe this tycoon-style game is a testament to all their glory. A good game, overall, and if I see a good sale I might pick it up.



The meat of a dungeon-crawler, without the bone.

Game: Dungeons | Developer: Realmforge Studios

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