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January 4, 2011

Super Meat Boy

Filed under: Action & Shooter, Arcade & Retro, Macintosh, Windows, XBox — Tags: Josh @ 08:02

Meat Boy Fail.

OK, I’m sure everyone already knows how great Super Meat Boy is by now. So I’m going to skip right to the part where I explain why it’s so great.

First of all, there’s the cartoonish visual appeal. From the second you turn the thing on, it promises to be a delightful experience with it’s bright colors and fun artwork. The characters are goofy-looking, yet slightly off, in a way that is remarkably appealing. These aren’t your Saturday morning cartoon characters; they are the outcasts of the cartoon scene. And that makes them interesting, gives them dimension. Just looking at these oddities makes you want to hang out with them.

Next up: the music. Super Meat Boy’s soundtrack is brilliant. The Hell music (yes, you must jump and dash your way through Hell) is one of the best songs to ever be in a video game. And I mean that.

So much blood!

The level design is perfect. It begins fairly easy, but very rapidly increases in difficulty until it is downright brutal. You will need extremely precise timing and complete mastery of Meat Boy’s jumping, sticking, and wall-sliding. But the control scheme is airtight. You will feel you have complete control. And that means that when you die – and you will die a lot – you will know you did so because you messed up, not because the controls weren’t precise enough.

Of course, this brings me to my one piece of criticism. Super Meat Boy’s PC launch was a disaster. The game launched with a damaged control scheme, and only supported one controller type. I won’t go into this any further, since I covered it pretty well in this article, but Team Meat was quick to respond. Within two days, the problem was fixed, multiple controller models were supported, and to somewhat make it up to loyal fans, a new character was added to the lineup via a brand new cheat code unveiled on the official Super Meat Boy website.

This may be Hell for Super Meat Boy, but it's gaming Heaven!

Team Meat truly turned the game’s biggest flaw into a positive thing. The amount of dedication to ensuring this game works like it should is incredible. The biggest video game releases don’t even get their bugs worked out this quickly.

And one more thing. Super Meat Boy pays tribute to decades of gaming. The developers obviously grew up playing and loving video games. If I even began to list some of the examples of clever homages this game makes to other games, this review would grow as uncontrollably and wildly as that plant from The Little Shop of Horrors. So I’ll just leave it alone and let you discover these tidbits on your own.

Super Meat Boy is amazing. Just go buy it. You won’t be disappointed.

Just a couple more saw blades. You can do it, Meat Boy!

Super Meat Boy


Good meaty retro fun.

Game: Super Meat Boy | Developer: Team Meat

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