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December 30, 2010


Filed under: Adventure & RPG, Free, Girl's Choice, Simulation, WindowsNina S. @ 05:07

Ripples is another game from the new genre I’m trying not to become addicted to. Of course, I’m failing horribly but that isn’t really the point.

The real point here is that I am indeed falling in love with these games and the reason being is simple: they’re awesome. Now, to be fair Ripples isn’t exactly a Dating Sim. Instead it’s classified as a Visual Novel, which is often placed in the same category because of the similarities between the game play styles. The difference being that Visual Novels are more like reading a book (I know, go figure). You make very limited choices in conversations and actions which can affect the end of the game but ultimately you’re more the passanger on a journey as opposed to a player. It’s not for everyone but I don’t mind the style.

Still, even by Visual Novel standards this isn’t a very long game. In fact, it’s probably the shortest game I’ve ever played. It took me about fifteen minutes to finish it completely but I didn’t mind the limited length. Nor did I mind the fact that you play the game from the viewpoint of a man. The game runs for somewhere between three days and ultimately doesn’t give you any choices to change the story one way or the other.

Still, if you’re just getting started in the genre this isn’t a bad place to pick up. The “game” is very relaxing and offers and interesting story that makes you want to know what happens, makes you want to stick around and play other games like it. The art is beautiful, the music is sweet and mellowing and this one has voice actors.

Now, it’s my understanding that this game was thrown together fairly quickly so I wasn’t expecting much from the actors but they really didn’t do a bad job. They spoke with passion and direction which always adds to the feel and overall enjoyment of the game.

Once again I have to label this game a Ladies Choice. The reason being isn’t because I don’t think males would enjoy it, but rather there’s no typical male action in it. No one dies or gets bloodied, so I’m not sure how interested a male would be in sitting down and just relaxing with a nice, short story. Still, I hope that this is one that anyone will take a look at. It’s short, sweet, and sure to brighten your day.



A Short Story

Game: Ripples | Developer: Sake Visual

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