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Multiplayer Game Reviews

December 12, 2010

Company of Heroes Online

Filed under: Free, Linux, Macintosh, Strategy, WindowsHeath @ 05:56

Company of Heroes Online

Once More Into the Breach!

I loooooove free stuff. That’s why I write about flash games. I loooove getting awesome games for free, which is why I am practically jumping for joy because of ‘Company of Heroes Online.’ It’s a MMO with the same graphics as the other games. For free.


This is pretty much the same game as the single player games, but you are playing against real live people. You choose between an Axis or Ally team, each of which has its own commander, which you train.

The total gameplay is far beyond the scope of this article, and one of the things that is special about this game is how complex it is. You have to worry about buildings, resources and items. Your men get tired and need to recharge.

You can train different types of commanders each of which has their own ability. Some can call in artillery attacks and stuff like that.

The cool part about this is that you can level up. Yup. A RTS MMO that is based around leveling up and learning new skills and buying new items. Equip these items to your guys to give them abilities.

Get those Nazis!


This game is a technical masterpiece. Seriously. The original Company of Heroes was released in 2006 and it is widely considered to be one of the best RTS games of all time. Now add the element of a tech tree and multiplayer battles and this game is from another planet.

Although the game is tough to learn, the training missions are in depth. You’ll learn about controlling squads and stuff like that. Seriously, you’ll be able to control armour divisions. ARMOUR DIVISIONS!

The one thing is that you need about 30 gigs of space to install this bad boy. Yeah, this is 2010, but that is still a lot of money.


Multiplayer is just crazy.  You win when you destroy the other guys’ buildings or reduce their side points to zero. You can play with teams of 4 players, meaning an 8 player mega-battle.

Yes, there is single player mode. BUT, the only way to get better items is to level up by playing multiplayer. Genius.

Final Verdict

Are you kidding me? Remember when you were 12 and you were like, man I want to play that game but it costs too much. Well now you can reach back in time, and show yourself that life is awesome and you can get a 100% free and complete real time strategy game FOR FREE.

Company of Heroes Online


Re-play WWII in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Game: Company of Heroes | Developer: Relic

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