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Multiplayer Game Reviews

November 27, 2010

Neptune’s Pride

Filed under: Free, Linux, Macintosh, Strategy, WindowsHeath @ 05:32

Spheres of Influence

Neptune’s Pride

Pew pew pew! You’re in outer space! You have to take over stars! You get to build bases and upgrade sciences!


If you are in the market for some fast paced space blasting action, then this is not the game for you. If you want to test your notions of strategy, diplomacy and space battles, then definitely check this game out. It takes place in a galaxy, and it is your job to take over half of the stars.

It is supposedly takes place in real time, but it takes around 16 hours to get to the closest star, so you have that to worry about. It all takes place in a browser window, so you can check in several times a day and see how things are going.


Like with most of these things, you have several options to upgrade: Technology, Economy and Industry. Obviously the lower the level, the cheaper it is.

You move fleets to different planets. If there is an opposing fleet there, a battle ensues. Battles are heavily weighted towards defense. Keep that in mind.

That’s pretty much it.


There are a lot of these browser space adventure games out there, but this one is way better for a number of reasons. First, the graphics are awesome. It’s all point and click, and it looks great. Second, it’s easy to join. In the others, there’s a universe that has been around for like 10 years, and if you join the party late, well, you’d better hope you can find a good alliance.

Each game is played until the universe is over. This is great because you have something to work for.

Not only is this game technically flawless, it is constantly updated. I’ve only been playing it for about a week, but according to old people it is a completely different game since the beginning.


Seriously, this game is all about the diplomacy. You have to be a good negotiator to win this game. Message frequently. Message often. That, in my opinion, makes for a great multiplayer game.

Final Verdict

Awesome, awesome game. It will take over your life though. So be careful.

Neptune’s Pride


Command a Space Alliance!

Game: Neptune’s Pride | Developer: Ironhelmet

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