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Multiplayer Game Reviews

November 25, 2010

Drunken Masters

Filed under: Free, Linux, Macintosh, Puzzle & Casual, Simulation, WindowsHeath @ 05:35

Is that George Bush?

Drunken Masters

Ever felt like being the bartender, but aren’t suave enough or you don’t have enough piercings? Well this game lets you experience it without the sticky floors but with all the angry patrons.


You will only need your mouse for this one. When you start, all you will see is the front of a bar. If this is your first time playing, some dude will help you out. Do not skip his advice. Also, major props to the guys who created the walkthrough because it is very difficult to skip over the necessary information, something I am very good at doing.

The crux of the game is that someone comes up to the bar and orders a drink. Then you have a limited amount of time to prepare the drink. You’ll know how much time you have because there’s a red bar. If you don’t get them the drink in time, you’ll have to comp them a VIP pass, of which you have two per round.

Love the clientele.

So how to prepare a drink? Well, you drag the constituent ingredients together. So, if someone orders a beer, you drag a beer into their hands. If someone orders a screwdriver, you have to drag orange juice and vodka together and then put it into the arms of your customer.

If you thought that this sounds like it could get very complicated, very quickly, you are correct. It taxes the mind and the body.


This game chews hardware. If you have a slower computer, you may have trouble. But, luck is on your side, because you can slow down the requirements. If your computer can handle it, man this is a smooth game. I mean any game that has intense mouse-only interface is going to be. There are lots of babes that want drinks, and you have to keep track of all the different types of booze.

Final Verdict

Fun game. Good soundtrack. Great graphics.

Drunken Masters


Serve Electronic Booze

Game: Drunken Masters| Developer: Danny Seven

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