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Multiplayer Game Reviews

November 15, 2010

Battle Formation

Filed under: Linux, Macintosh, Strategy, WindowsHeath @ 08:15

Placing a formation. How do you think this will work?

Battle Formation

Taking place in the medieval times, it is up to you to raise an army and out-manoeuvre your opponent. This is a game where how you place your armies matters just as much as how many you have, and of what quality they are.


You start on the battlefield. Your opponents formation is already revealed. Then you place your guys. Your main piece is the pikeman, who is very stabby. Your guys move directly forward if there is an available space. Then, they attack the weakest adjacent enemy. It’s as simple as that.

Trust me, the devil is in the formation. You can get as many of the strongest guys as you want, but it doesn’t matter unless you set them up in the correct formation.

There is an upgrade system, and you get new units as the storyline progresses. Also, the narrator is pretty sassy, so that livens things up a bit. It really is kind of harrowing, not knowing what the enemy is going to play next. I can honestly say that before this there has not been a game I have played recently where I did not know from stage to stage what things were going to be like.


Yes, I'd say it would.

There are some definite weaknesses in the interface. For example, placing the units is extremely counter-intuitive. You have to click on the space where you want units, click some arrows until the correct unit comes up, and then you have to click the number it wants.

On top of this, the mouse pointer is a sword, and is very laggy.

Then, during the actual battles, if you want to have the characters animated, it takes forever. If you turn the animations off, you can’t really tell what’s going. So, some middle ground would be pleasant. However, the effect of all these problems is that it causes you to slow down and think about the moves you are making. So, the problem is kind a solution to itself.

Final Verdict

Great, great game. It is you outthinking the creater of the game. Seriously, he throws everything he can at you, and really it is just you and your wits verse him.

Battle Formation


This is one of those games where the title kind of explains itself.

Game: Battle Formation | Developer: Age of Games

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