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Multiplayer Game Reviews

November 13, 2010


Filed under: Free, Girl's Choice, Linux, Macintosh, Simulation, WindowsHeath @ 05:59

That snail helps by picking up coins


I can’t believe I haven’t written about this yet. Insaniquarium is one of my favorite flash games of all time. It’s like Fish Store Tycoon or whatever, without being stupid.


You own a fish tank and you start off with two guppies. You feed them by clicking food particles into the tank. If they are hungry, they eat. If they  are really hungry, they’ll turn yellow and if you don’t feed them then, well, they die. Also, when they eat, they grow. When they grow, they poop coins that you can use to buy upgrades.

That's not a turd, it's a food nugget.

One of the upgrades that you can buy is a piece of an egg. Once you have all 3 pieces, then you get a full egg. Inside this egg is a creature that helps you in one way or another. Some of them pick up dropped coins. Others drop pieces of food. Still others defend against enemies.

Oh yeah. Every once and a while your tank gets invaded by something that looks like the alien from the eponymous movie series. You have to click on it until it goes away. If it touches any of your guppies (or Piranhas, another animal you can buy) then you lose it.


A lot of  clicking in this game. Although it is possible to play with a trackpad, I wouldn’t suggest it. Seriously, I don’t know why I have so much fun with this game. It is kind of tedious, but I like playing with animals, and electronic ones don’t smell as bad.

Part of the fun comes from choosing the right combination of ’special animals’ to have in your tank. Every couple ‘levels’ or so you’ll get to step back and choose which ones you want. You can only have 3. I won’t tell you my secret combo, because I don’t want you to steal it.

Final Verdict

Great game. It’s like real life but with invading aliens, poop coins and fake friends!



Pretend Fish Tank!

Game: Insaniquarium | Developer: Freshpulp

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