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Multiplayer Game Reviews

November 9, 2010

Shattered Colony

Filed under: Free, Linux, Macintosh, Strategy, WindowsHeath @ 06:39

Red = Zombie. They's err'where

Shattered Colony

Something happened. The dead are rising and joining the living. You and the survivors must move from island to island by building sniper towers and barricades. You are humanity’s only hope.


You start on an island with the threat of zombies coming from anywhere. You have 4 different buildings you can construct. You have the sniper tower, which is what kills zombies. Then you have barricades, which hold off zombies. Then finally there are workshops, which help you to extract resources from buildings and trash heaps. All of these must be built within 7 squares of a depot, your final building.

On top of this, you have resources to worry about: Ammo, which you use for shooting zombies, Boards, which you use for building things, and survivors, which are used for transporting supplies and building things. Ammo and Boards can be extracted from old buildings and things that you abandoned.

I haven’t quite figured out survivors yet. Do you only have as many as you start with? Do you get these from abandoned houses? These are questions for philosophers or more discriminating players.


Terrible, terrible victory.

If you have read any of my other articles, you’ll know that I am not so much a fan of defend your castle type games. However, I really like this game. You have to plan out where your guys are going to be. You have to worry about supply lines, and you also have to worry about where your next bullet is going to come from. You cannot waste a thing.

Luckily there is a pause button, so you can slow down and plan your moves. Oh yeah, and every two and a half minutes you have to deal with a wave of zombies that want to eat you in the face.

One thing that really helps is the mini map. You will rely on this. It won’t be your best friend, but it will be the guy that you call like twice a week to hang out and play video games and that you know will give you a ride to the airport if you really need it.

Final Verdict

Awesome game. Save humanity from zombies. Use your brain for once.

Shattered Colony


Defend against Zombies.

Game: Shattered Colony | Developer: Newsgrounds

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