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November 6, 2010



I have not gotten any reasonable amount of work done in the past 48 hours. Why? There was a ‘free-to-play’ weekend on the minecraft servers. So, I spent my weekend/Monday building a dome, not getting killed by zombies and mining until I reached bedrock and then trying to to die in lava.


I’m going to get it out up front, this game will only scratch the surface of Minecraft. The premise is simple, you start off on an island, infinitely rendered with square blocks, and you have to make your own tools and not die. It seems like a lot of fun until nighttime comes (yes, there is an intricate system for day and night. You can literally watch the sun and the moon move across the sky).

Then the bad guys come out. They spawn wherever there is darkness, so you’d better hope that you have built yourself a rudimentary shelter. Oh and you need torches because if you don’t have light in you shelter, monsters will literally spawn while you back is turned.

Well gosh and golly! How do I get the tools I need to succeed? Crafting my friend. One of the central themes of Minecraft is that you MINE the materials you need and then CRAFT them into tools on your workbench. So, to dig, you need to chop down a tree, convert the wood into sticks and then make yourself a pickaxe. With that pickaxe you then harvest coal which you combine with sticks to make torches.



Technically, this game is a marvel. Let’s start with the map. It is procedurally generated. This means that the game makes it up as you go along. The maximum size for a map is 8 times the surface of the earth. Yeah, there are limits up and down, but I have dug to the very bottom. It is crazy.

The interface is very straightforward. You have an inventory and you aim with the mouse and move with the keyboard. If you die, you drop your items and go to your original spawn point.

A lot of people have issue with the graphics, but man, I don’t mind. The game comes up with some seriously beautiful stuff. You have to see it to believe it.


Yes, there is a multiplayer. It is stupid how easy it is to make a multiplayer server. If it takes you more than 5 minutes, you are doing something wrong.

Multiplayer is a blast. The better part of this game is spent thinking of awesome things to build, and with friends it becomes double the fun.

Final Verdict

If there is one game that you buy this year (okay, after Civ V, which was released the weekend before I wrote this) make it Minecraft. Seriously it’s $13.00 and you will get endless hours of fun out of it. Stop what you are doing, and pick this up. I’m going to put all the pictures at the end of the post because there is just so much awesome. Also I’m starting with a fanmade video that you should seriously check out.

This took a lot of time.

Okay, definitely watch this video to get an idea of how beautiful these blocks can be:



Mine. Craft. No, seriously. Craft some things. Then mine.

Game: Minecraft | Developer: Marcus Persson

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    Great game indeed!

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    Comment by noblemaster — November 6, 2010 @ 10:22

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