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Multiplayer Game Reviews

October 31, 2010


Filed under: Free, Linux, Macintosh, Paid, Strategy, WindowsHeath @ 04:15


The battlefield

Elements is a fantasy card playing/collecting game. If you have played Magic, the Gathering, then you will be very much at home with this game.


As the title suggests, this is a game where the different ‘elements’ come into play. You have different sorts of quanta (like ‘mana’ from magic). You build your deck around 1 or two elements (your deck can be between 30 and 60 cards) and then you battle.

Battle is like most collectible card games. You play the cards that build up your quanta, and then you use the ensuing quanta to play creatures and spells. On top of this you have slots for shields and weapons that deal automatic damage to your opponent. Game ends when someone’s HP is reduced to zero.



Technically a very well balanced game. There are means for trading, buying and leveling up your deck. You can choose what level you want to play at. You can play PVP against others (this is tough, be careful). Usually these card playing games are pretty clunky. Or, at the very least, are not user friendly.

This is very smooth and has a very helpful introduction system. The only thing I could go without is that every time your mouse rolls over something, it makes a sound. However, that’s really just my beef with the interface.

The other thing, and this could just be my lack of experience, is that it is rather tough to break into another element. You are given a full deck to start with, but it’s pretty tough to develop from there. Meaning that there’s a steep learning curve after the first couple minutes or so.


The multiplayer is really what takes this up a level. Long story short, you can pay fake money to play people on the internet. You, again, can choose who to fight based off of their level. Meaning you won’t get TOO smashed up.

Final Verdict

Fun, addicting game. Glad you can play vs the computer as well as ‘people’ online. I don’t know why I put people in quotes. It’s not like you’re fighting robots. Or ARE you?



Fantasy card playing game.

Game: Elements | Developer: Elements

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