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October 28, 2010


Filed under: Free, Linux, Macintosh, Puzzle & Casual, Simulation, WindowsHeath @ 15:40


Yep, that's a fungus alright!

John Conway’s ‘Game of Life’ was a critical point in the interpretation of video games. Fungus is a re-interpretation of the game, adding in sounds, graphics, and the ability to move your life form around.


You start with a fungus inoculation. Each dot is a fungus ‘cell’ and each cell has links to other cells. Here’s what happens to each cell based on the number of links to cells.

1 or fewer – Dies of loneliness

2-3  – Stays alive

4 – Grows and gives birth

5 or more – Dies of overcrowding

You can control click a fungus to kill it. And you can move each fungus around. The idea is to get as much biomass as possible in two minutes.


A very fluid game. I like the idea of a time limit. I used to get very bored with ‘The game of life’, but when you add a benchmark to the game, and a limit, well then it gets interesting. I suppose that you could hack this so that it goes on forever, which would be kind of cool, but adding numbers to it makes it an actual game, which is fun.

I was also pretty impressed by the color choices. White on purple is a very elegant choice, and makes it very impossible to lose your fungi in the background.

Honestly, not much more I can add to this review, except that it has kept me entertained.

Not the best game.

Final Verdict

Good background game. You won’t have much of a vested interest in it, but it is a blast.



Grow Fungus Grow!

Game: Fungus | Developer: Prototype rally

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