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Multiplayer Game Reviews

October 26, 2010

Castle Wars II

Filed under: Free, Linux, Macintosh, Strategy, WindowsHeath @ 04:26

The Battlefield

Castle Wars II

Okay so it seems like I’m on a multiplayer card game streak as of late. In this one you battle another castle. You either build yours up to 100 levels, or you burn his to the ground. Your choice.


You have 3 different types of ‘points’ you can aquire. You have builders that produce bricks, recruits that produce weapons and mages that produce magic. Each turn, you build up those commodities. Those commodities allow you to play cards that do any number of things.

You can build up your castle, and you can also build up the wall in front of it. The wall is kind of an insurance policy. If you get attacked, the attack hits your wall before it hits your castle (in most cases).

It’s a real back and forth, and you can manage your deck of cards also, which makes this pretty complex. I’ve never actually pvp’d someone, so I have no idea what that adds to the whole game.

Gameplay is so simple a chimp could do it. You click on the card you want to play. If you can’t play anything, you can burn your turn and then discard up to 3 cards. Good times.


Kill people that are in the areas with the white circles.

Very smooth game. I played the first Castle Wars, and, although this is basically the same game, this version is definitely an upgrade from the last one. For example I don’t recall there being different levels of difficulty in the earlier one, but that was like 2 years ago.

It could use some better animation. But really there’s not much to it. The one real beef I have, as usual, is that it is hard to turn the normal music off.  Nine times out of ten I don’t like the music that comes standard with the game (sorry), and this is not an exception.


Once you get moving, you can play against other real people. I never actually tried this because I am too much of a wimp. But, that might be enough for you.

Final Verdict

Surprisingly fun game. I am challenged by the medium setting, but I suck. All told, it’s a pretty well balanced game.  So, go for it.

Castle Wars


Destroy Castles, with cards.

Game: Castle Wars II | Developer: Ninja Kiwi

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