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Multiplayer Game Reviews

September 8, 2010


Filed under: Arcade & Retro, Free, Linux, Macintosh, WindowsHeath @ 04:09

Bonus: This game makes its own drilling noises

Remember when digging holes was awesome? I know my imagination was always filled with scenes of man-made caves and awesome things like that. Well, now it’s time to live that fantasy. In Motherload, you pilot a drill around while searching for metals and such.


WASD moves you around. But that’s just the beginning. See, you drill down into the dirt and move around while looking for things that will make you money. However, you can’t stay down there forever. You have to conserve enough fuel to make it back up to the surface, where you sell your wares for more money.

Like any good flash game, there is an upgrade system based on the money you make. This allows you to carry more fuel, drill more efficiently and carry more stuff. Trust me, you have no idea what you are in for. This game is HUGE. You have to be careful not to fall down into caverns, get burnt up or run out of fuel. You will dig deeper than you ever thought possible.

Pro Tip: Leather gloves and a hard hat enhance the drilling experience.

Unfortunately, this is what makes it a little tedious. Yes, you do do the same thing over and over, which, by its nature gets old. But, there is an element of puzzle solving that keeps you digging deeper and deeper. Also, the desire for money does. Less cynically, I feel like this strikes deep at our human desires to do more, greater things. I supposed digging deep holes satisfies that urge.


This is a pretty old game. I remember when I first played ‘Motherload’, I thought it looked awesome. Now? Not so much. It is definitely something from before vector images. However, don’t let that get you down. Gameplay is what makes this game great.

On top of this, the controls take a bit of getting used to. You have to rocket your drill (honestly rocket drill sounds like a pretty sweet game too), which can be frustrating. Also, it is surprisingly easy to get stuck. This is one of those games that forces you to think ahead.

Final Verdict

Drill baby drill. I won’t go on a rant down here about a drilling machine like this is a 100% impossibility. That’s not why we’re here. We’re here to play video games. And this is a fun video game. You get to drill for hours. Remember, keep a close eye on your fuel gauge and always have an exit plan.



Drill for precious metals. Drive your rocket drill.

Game: Motherload | Developer: Xgen Studios

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