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Multiplayer Game Reviews

August 11, 2010

Blobble Wars

Filed under: Free, Linux, Macintosh, Strategy, WindowsHeath @ 02:23

It's curtains for you red!!!!

Blobble Wars

I have a huge affinity for games where you try to take over towers which then produce more guys. Blobble Wars is one of those games, with a twist.


In most of these games, your towers replenish guys until you drag them towards another tower. Well, in this game you shoot balls at towers, and then aim those towers at other towers. The difference is subtle. I prefer it this way because it is a lot more passive than the others.

In the other type of game, there are a lot more ‘mouse strokes’ given in order to launch an attack. In this case, you can just set a cannon blasting at another turret, and go eat some lunch. Not really, but you get my point.

In addition, if you shoot your turret at a turret that you own, the other turret fires in ‘rapid fire’. Pretty cool, and pretty useful.

Pew Pew Pew

Each turret can take 3 hits before it turns over to the other side. Of course, if you blast it with the same color, it will take it back up to ‘normal’ mode, and it will take 3 more hits to take it down.This may not seem like many, but there is another subtle difference between this game and others that makes it possible. See, in other games, for every guy that you sent towards another turret, you could guarantee that it would get there. Not so in Blobble Wars. Here, your turrets fire balls, which can bounce off of each other. Also your turrets are not 100% accurate too. This makes things VERY interesting.


A very fluid and balanced game. There are 4 levels of difficulty (the last one is called impossible, and that is pretty close to being correct). Difficulty levels don’t always lend themselves to replayability, but in this game it really does.

You use your mouse almost exclusively for this game. Trackpads need not apply. One thing that is really cool is that you can speed up time. I like playing it slowly though, because I can really think out my moves. Planning ahead is key. Always keep in mind the next turret you will take.

Final Verdict

This is a tough game, but I loved it. I also have an affinity for this type of game. You really have to combine strategy and tactics. Reaction time doesn’t factor into this all that much. One of my favorite things to laugh about is when you are playing on a symmetrical level, and you and your opponent do the exact same thing for 4 moves.

Blobble Wars


Turret vs. Turret battles.

Game: Blobble Wars | Developer: Played Online

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