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Multiplayer Game Reviews

July 28, 2010


Filed under: Adventure & RPG, Free, Linux, Macintosh, WindowsHeath @ 05:00

Do subs go 'pew pew pew' underwater?

‘Man up and face the dangers of Deepolis’ is the way this MMO browser game sells itself. In this game you pilot a submarine in a game of underwater adventure.


What separates this browser game from the others is the graphics. Most browser games you don’t even get to pilot your ships or armies or what have you. In this, you float around, blowing things up and fighting the other factions. The environment is in 3D, but you only get to see in 2 dimensions for the better part of the time.

You only control one submarine at a time. In this case, the action is much more PVP based than many other browser games. Yes, most are PVP, but this one you have direct battles with other players.


Technically this is a fabulous game. There is an intricate trading system and the action is much more player driven than other ones. The action is smooth and I continually find myself surprised by the quality of the graphics that are running in my browser.

The controls are brilliant, and the ability to dive on the ‘z – axis’ really gives this game a depth that is lacking in most browser MMOs.


This game is very much driven by PVP interactions. In most browser games, your opponents are places that you simply send a bunch of ships to blast into oblivion. In this case you trade with everyone. Despite the fact that there are 3 specific clans, there are multiple groups within each of these. If you are more interested in multiplayer games because of  the politics, this may not be the game for you. However, if you are interested in piloting a ship around and blasting people without downloading any new programs, then this is the game for you.

Final Verdict

A very easy game to jump into. It’s no surprise that this has been nominated for a number of awards. Unlike most browser games, you have to be actively involved with the action. So it’s a little bit harder to have it on a tab and play while you are working.

It’s free to play. But you can also purchase upgrades with real money or money you earn in game. Cool.



MMO with subs.

Game: Deepolis | Developer: BigPoint

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