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Multiplayer Game Reviews

July 21, 2010

Destructo Truck

Filed under: Arcade & Retro, Free, Linux, Macintosh, WindowsHeath @ 05:43

Here we see a truck smashing through some buildings.

Destructo Truck

Do you like smashing things and driving a truck? Do you like that one type of level from that game where normally you race around the city, but in this one level you have to cause as much destruction as possible? Well then this game may be for you. Because this is basically a 2-D version of that level.


Gameplay is very, very simple. Your truck starts at the top of a ramp. You have countdown lights and it is your job to press the go button when the line hits the green lights. Then your truck zooms down the ramp. If you have a rocket, you can also fire these at this point. That, really, is the extent to which you play the game.

Your truck zooms down the ramp, gets launched into oblivion, and then starts smashing into houses, propane tanks and barns. It gets ugly. There are bugs and detritus flying everywhere. Luckily for you, though, you get money for smashing all of those things. Money which you can use to upgrade your truck so you can smash things even better.

Here we see a truck going down the ramp. Good for you truck.


I screwed up my first two launches because the game skipped right when it was time for me to press the go button at launch time. So, that kind of sucked. But other than that, the game is very well put together. I am a dude, so I may be predisposed to liking things that explode. Seriously, I knew I was going to like it even when I read the title.

One thing that kind of bugs me is that you have to wait until the end of the run to find out how much damage you have caused. Yeah, that’s something you really shouldn’t complain about, but at the very least they give you the option to just skip over it all and find out the final tally.

Final Verdict

Fun Game. I like to launch the truck, and then do some work, only to alt-tab back to the Destructo Truck screen to find out how many buildings I smooshed. Neat graphics, they make excellent use of scale. And the physics, as far as trucks bouncing off of houses goes, was pretty straightforward.

Destructo Truck


Drive your truck off of a ramp. Smash into stuff.

Game: Destructo Truck | Developer: Mochi Media

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