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Multiplayer Game Reviews

July 19, 2010


Filed under: Action & Shooter, Free, Linux, Macintosh, WindowsHeath @ 05:10

You'll see this a lot. It's not good.

Since the beginning of the internet, there have been stick figure games and there have been sniper games. Well, Stickshot, as the name implies, brings those two together. You are a sniper, and it is your job to kill a bunch of stick figures.


This is like many sniper games in that you aim with your mouse and you focus with the spacebar. It also takes it up a notch in that you can hide. Yes, people will be trying to kill you. That is why man is the most dangerous game. Don’t hide enough, and you will get blasted in the face. Hide too much, and your guys will run away.

Stickshot gets brought into the 21st century through the use of cell phones. You often need to call your target to identify him. Then you kill him. There is an upgrade system, where you exchange money for better guns and items. This area is a bit limited, but you know what, it’s a sniper game.

The gameplay is tense. You’ve got to be pretty quick on the trigger, and pretty lucky to be quite honest if you want to beat this game.

Should I pull the trigger? Should I pull the trigger?


What really sets this game apart, if you ask me, is the 3D graphics. Yes, you heard me. This game has 3 dimensions. After each briefing you get transported over the rooftops of the fictional city, and you get dropped at your location.

There are cars that drive through the roads. There are pedestrians (collateral damage). When you fire your first shots, the bad guys and the pedestrians all scatter behind different buildings. Then, the people that hunted you will try to shoot you by ducking from behind the buildings.

Final Verdict

In most sniper games, you’re just trying to beat the clock. This one is bigger than that. The developers thought long and hard about the aesthetic (grey and red). It is heart pounding because you can watch an enemie’s laser sight get closer to you before they take a shot. If you are a fan of flash sniper games, this one will be a treat. If not, you should still try it out.



Snipe stick figures.

Game: Stickshot | Developer: Stick Games

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