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Multiplayer Game Reviews

July 7, 2010

Hold Your Ground

Filed under: Free, Linux, Macintosh, Puzzle & Casual, WindowsHeath @ 04:53

Under Siege. Help us Segal!

Hold Your Ground is a physics based survival game where you have to build castles out of bricks to protect your king and his guards. Why you have to rebuild a castle EVERY SINGLE DAY and why the king’s guards can’t do it is beyond me. But I digress.


Gameplay is pretty simple. You start with the king and his guards in place. Then you must build a castle around them. You are given a limited supply of blocks with which to accomplish this goal. Your blocks must conform to physics as you place them. They will shake and shudder and will weave, but you can build it.

If you mess up the placement of the blocks, you can always move them around with a different type of cursor. Or you can click them with the bomb icon. More on this later.

When you think your castle is complete, then the siege comes. Good thing they let you build your castle BEFORE they started firing. If any of your guys touches any form of stone, they die. And heavens to betsy is it gross. Some death of the king’s guard is allowed but the king must not die.


This is the kind of crap that happens when you move blocks around.

I had real problems with the building area. Specifically, when you try to move around a block that you have already placed. See, when you pull a block up first, it stays static, it doesn’t move around. But, if you place a block, and then decide that you want to use it for something else, it is a huge pain. Why? Physics, that’s why.

When you pick it up, it swivels around the point that you have picked up for it. Also, on top of that, if you hit any blocks, it moves them. It’s like trying to pick up a massive block with one hand. Heaviness aside, it would be a huge pain to control. I’ve spent too much time working on castles only to have them blasted apart by me forgetting that I have to worry about blocks getting flung about.

Final Verdict

Ranting aside, this is a pretty awesome game. You just have to have some patience. Sometimes you will be presented with a problem that you feel is impossible, but then you find a solution. Just like in life. You can quote me on that if you’d like.

Hold Your Ground


Build a castle. Don’t get it knocked down.

Game: Hold Your Ground | Developer: MaxGames

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