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Multiplayer Game Reviews

July 6, 2010

Spelunky World

Filed under: Adventure & RPG, Free, Linux, Windows, XBoxHeath @ 03:39

Spelunky World

Now what do you think Spelunky World is about. C’mon. Stretch your vocabulary. There it is. It’s about cave exploration. In Spelunky World you wander around a cave system, whipping bad guys and blowing stuff up.


Getting around is pretty simple, you use the arrow keys. Sure, there are other keys, and luckily there is a pretty great tutorial to tell you all sorts of things. For example, you have a seemingly endless supply of rope. Good thing, because a great deal of the rooms cannot be fully explored without the use of rope. The game would be pretty cool (but a little more tedious) if you had to remember to take your rope with you (like in real life).

You have to whip bad guys, blow up walls and collect treasure. It’s basically 8-bit Indiana Jones. Great stuff. The music and sound effects are surprisingly not annoying, which is a welcome turn of events.


Technically this is a brilliant game. This has a great 8 bit feel, but has the depth of a game with 3D rendering. Get this, there are randomly generated levels and no saves. Quite literally, every time you play, it is a new game. Whoah. If you’re looking for the buzzword to describe this madness, it is ‘procedurally generated’.

There are twists and turns everywhere; Not just in the different places you’ll explore and the bad guys you’ll fight, but in the items you’ll pick up. I am not giving away anything, play it for yourself.

This is one of those games where losing is fun. That is one of the highest compliments that I can give to a game, I think. You are not so much focused on the end goal, but on the way the game tosses you around.

Final Verdict

Play this game. It is free. It is easy to learn the controls and it has a sentience that really hasn’t been replicated anywhere else. If you liked Nethack (nerd) then you will like this.



Indiana Jones: Cave Explorer

Game: Spelunky | Developer: MossMouth

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