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Multiplayer Game Reviews

June 30, 2010

Ultimate Chess

Filed under: Free, Linux, Macintosh, Puzzle & Casual, WindowsHeath @ 04:55

Okay cool.

Ultimate Chess

Ultimate Chess is, well, a flash chess game. What sets it apart is not so much its robust AI (I am an intermediate on a very, very good day, and I won handily), but rather it’s neato animations between each kill that make the game.


Gameplay is like any flash chess game, no surprises. You click on the piece you want to move and then you click where you want it to go. It won’t let you make moves that aren’t allowed, which is very kind of it. The processor doesn’t take too long to think, which is also nice. One thing that bugs me is when a chess program takes forever to run and then still makes stupid moves.

You have the option to switch sides of the board, which I suppose you could do if you were one move away from checkmate, but you’re not that kind of player now are you?


If you really like losing at chess, open the way black does here.

What really sets this game apart though is the animated  kill scenes. Yes, the developer animated a different kill for every possible scenario on the board. The queens are ninja assassins. Bishops have magic. And so on. I think in some weird way he wants you to try to watch all 50 of the animations, but I in no way had the patience for that.

Honestly I felt like the animations break up the flow of the game. Once you have watched the animation, you have the option of skipping it, but it really is a hassle when you know you are in the middle of a sweet combo, and you have to sit there watching two bishops blast each other with blue electricity.

Final Verdict

If you feel like running over a cheap flash AI chess game, then this is the game for you. Otherwise, you’re better off playing a real game of chess. With people. Friends. Remember that? Remember the outside world?

Ultimate Chess


Play chess and watch animations of the executions.

Game: Ultimate Chess | Developer: Mo Fun Zone

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