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Multiplayer Game Reviews

June 22, 2010

Chroma Wars

Filed under: Free, Linux, Macintosh, Strategy, WindowsHeath @ 05:32

HQ. Go ahead. Buy something!

Chroma Wars

Do you like Warhammer 40k? Do you like strategy games but you like to take it step by step? Well Chroma Wars may just be the game for you. Chroma Wars takes place in a dystopian future where mech warriors and warlocks fight side by side.


You are a guy in charge of a bunch of mercenaries. In your home screen you can purchase new guys, upgrade and revive your old guys and prepare for your next mission. The missions are where the game is played.

You will be using your mouse almost exclusively for this game. Each guy you have has a chance to move and then attack. Some guys have hand to hand attacks, some have ranged. There is also magic, which can be used to attack, and you can also heal with it as well. After you take your turn, then the enemies take their turn. Who goes first is determined by initiative. I have no idea how that is calculated. But, there are some times when it is better for the other guys to attack first.


You get money and “chroma” (I guess this is another form of money), that allows you to upgrade your units once you have finished the mission. What is also cool is that you are given primary and secondary objectives, where you finish the mission by completing the primary objectives, but you get more moneys if you complete the secondary objectives.


This is a very well designed game. There were a couple glitches. For example if you want to view your objectives during a mission, you cannot scroll. Also, I had to redo a really tough level because the game froze when I was trying to save. Major pain.

However, all told this game has incredible aesthetics. I don’t really get the scale of the pieces though. In the map, the mountains are as big as the pieces. Oh well. However, the whole thing has that whole grungy, Fallout-esque feel to it.

Final Verdict

Make sure you have time to kill when you start this game. I got addicted, and it started to take over my brain as I had to constantly re-evaluate my strategy.

Chroma Wars


Mechs and Magic. Aw Yeah.

Game: Chroma Wars | Developer: Age Of Games

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