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Multiplayer Game Reviews

June 19, 2010

Glory of Fellowland

Filed under: Adventure & RPG, Free, Linux, Macintosh, Paid, Strategy, WindowsHeath @ 07:11

Glory of Fellowland

Glory of Fellowland is an online MMO that is broswer-based. Set in a middle-ages like area, you build up your village into (hopefully) an empire, by any means necessary.


The development portion of this game is pretty straightforward, if a bit slow. You cultivate various areas of resource production, while expanding your population. At some point, you build an army, but that is complicated.

You have 3 different races that you can choose from (definitely go with human for your first run, definitely), each with their own characteristics. What is really cool about this game is how the game guides you through your first couple days. With most other browser based games, you are on your own to dig up a guide or something like that, but in this, like in Travian, it tells you what you should be doing the first couple days, and gives you prizes when you accomplish them.

Your experience is somewhat guided by taking on quests, but again, after you have developed your village to a certain point, it’s up to you.


Nice Dragon, where did you get it?

I really thought this game was clunky at first. But then I got over it. Because it is unbelievable how many options this game has. Fighting is part of it. Diplomacy is part of it. SPYING is part of it. Trading is part of it. There are so many paths you can choose, it really sets itself apart from other MMO’s that focus on fighting and diplomacy.


Co-operation is critical to success in this game. In fact, the game is set up so that if you want, you can have your friends make decisions on your behalf while you are gone. This game is pretty slow to start off with. For example, in AstroEmpires, you would build your first building in ten minutes. In Glory of the Fellowland, it takes an hour. However, you don’t have to build nearly as many buildings.

Final Verdict

This game may set a new standard for browser-based MMO’s. It is slowly paced enough in the beginning so that it is easily digestable, and it does not slow down for even the most experienced player. It’s free for the basics, but then you have to pay to upgrade to the higher level buildings and units. There’s no one path to victory. Choose your own destiny to become a historical figure.

Glory of the Fellowland


Take over the world in the Middle Ages!

Game: Glory of the Fellowland | Developer: Feeltainment Ltd.

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