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Multiplayer Game Reviews

June 14, 2010


Filed under: Free, Linux, Macintosh, Strategy, WindowsHeath @ 05:05

A pretty typical starting position.

Eridani is a pretty simple RTS that takes place in space. The galaxy or whatever is divided up into hexagons, and it is your job to conquer all of them. Conquering each hexagon gives you a certain upgrade, and each hexagon presents a new set of challenges.


Eridani brings a couple new ideas to the table. They’re not really game changers, but novel nonetheless. For example, when you get to a new sector, you land on a planet and establish your command center. Then you build your different buildings all over the surface of the planet. Pretty cool. The tool to place each building is pretty slick, and you are limited by the surface of the planet (obviously).


Then, you have to start mining. Yes, this is an RTS, so resource management is the name of the game. You get your resources from mining asteroids. Hint, make sure you guard your mining guys. Yes, you can get stealthy ships, but that level is rough. Also, survey your surroundings before you start building willy nilly, often times the asteroids are the limiting factors in the sector.

From then on it progresses much like any game. Build outer space warships. Blow up bad guys without getting your stuff blown up.


Technically speaking this is a pretty brilliant flash game. When you are moving a group of your guys around, you will see where they going to be when you click (there are dots signifying this). These dots conform to the different planets. Cool stuff.

The upgrade system is well balanced, and I never felt like it was overpowered in any direction. Targeting enemies to kill is sometimes a pain, because your drones are not the smartest guys in the world. But that’s why they’re drones.

Final Verdict

Fun game. I like the way it is presented most of all. Being able to choose the sector that you wanted to take over as well as getting a certain upgrade from it is a pretty great idea. It also breaks up the gameplay. I had no problem playing a level, getting some work done, and then moving on.

If you’re tired of RTSs that feel the same, then you may want to give Eridani a whirl.



Novel RTS space colonizing.

Game: Eridani | Developer: DJstatika

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    looks like my kind of game! ill give it a try

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    Comment by Risen — June 14, 2010 @ 18:32

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