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Multiplayer Game Reviews

May 20, 2010

Zombies in the Shadow

Filed under: Action & Shooter, Free, Linux, Macintosh, WindowsHeath @ 03:17

Shoot zombies in the face.

Stay in the light. That is the best advice that I can give you if you want to play this game. Zombies are stronger and faster in the dark, and you can much more easily get outflanked. Stay in the light. For whatever reason in Zombies in the Shadow, you are under siege. Through the use of makeshift barricades and shooting, you try to stay alive so that you can do all the things that zombies can’t.


This takes a little getting used to. You move around with the WASD keys and the arrow keys and shoot and aim with a mouse. This is something big for a flash game on-line, which normally only requires the use of one hand. In addition to shooting, you get grenades, make barricades, and, if you get caught off guard, can punch a zombie in a face.


There will be a seemingly endless supply of zombies, which are followed up by zombie bosses. That’s all I’m going to tell you about that. You start with 100 health, and sometimes the only thing keeping you from running out of that is your ability to flee zombies and make accurate shots.


The aesthetics really make this game. You start off in a square barricade surrounding a fire in a barrel. Zombies appear out of the flickering darkness. Although the barricades offer some good protection, you cannot rely on it, as you have to leave to pick up anything that is dropped (you will want this stuff, trust me). There’s a certain grunginess that I really like. Dominated by yellow hues and objects that disappear into darkness, it has the same sort of feel as the most recent DOOM game, but not nearly as terrifying.

Final Verdict

Do not start this game if you want yourself to get any work done for the next couple hours or so. There will also be no way of hiding the fact that you are playing a flash game. This game does not let up, and is very entertaining.

Zombies in the Shadow


Protect yourself from Zombies. Stay out of the shadows.

Game: Zombies in the Shadows | Developer: SilverGames

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