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Multiplayer Game Reviews

May 16, 2010


Filed under: Free, Linux, Macintosh, Puzzle & Casual, WindowsHeath @ 03:42

Watch out there.


UMAG is one of those cannon games where you have to reckon the angle and speed of your shot. However, this one is multiplayer and you get a bunch of awesome weapons.


Gameplay is simple. You have 15 seconds to complete your turn. In this time you can move or you can fire a weapon. To fire a weapon you aim with the line in the direction that you want to fire. The distance your mouse point is away from your tank is how hard you fire. You also have a bunch of different kinds of weapons to select from. Someone dies when they run out of life, or if they get blasted off the screen.

The lobby. Wipe your feet before entry.

Games are usually fast, only about 5 or 6 turns, but they are a lot of fun. What makes it a blast is the choices of weapons. You can have napalm, a nuke (useless) or cluster bombs for starters.


This is a very well put together game. This concept has been around since the beginning of video games, and the genre has really come together. I prefer this form of aiming rather than manually selecting your angle and power from slider bars like it was done originally. It’s also very smoothly operating for a multi player game.


The multi player aspect of this game is great. You can play against the AI to test out the weapons. Then you can play an unranked game against a random. Or, you can play in a ranked 4 person Battle Royal. As always, there is the option to play in a private, password protected game so you can battle that dude who is claiming to be the Nigerian prince.

The lobby is straightforward and free of profanity and because these games are so short, you really don’t have to worry about someone punking out on you.

Final Verdict

Great casual multi player game. It’s never much fun to play these kinds of games against an AI, so having a casual area to play it is a great thing.



Multi player Cannonfodder

Game: UMAG | Developer: DEVM-Games

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