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Multiplayer Game Reviews

May 12, 2010

Little Stars for Little Wars

Filed under: Free, Linux, Macintosh, Strategy, WindowsHeath @ 05:03

Yep, you're about to win this one.

Little Stars for Little Wars

Little Stars for Little Wars (LSLW) is a game in the style of Civilizations Wars where you have individual stations where your guys build up and then you can decide to send them to another base or to attack a bad guy’s base. However, unlike Civilizations Wars, or any of the other, really, there are preset lines that you can send your guys on.


I didn’t originally think that I was going to like LSLW. When I saw the premise, that there were only certain places that your guys could go, I thought it was going to be very restricting. That turns out to be the opposite case. There are a few subtle differences. First, each of your bases can be in two modes: Store or Move. When in store mode, all that happens is that your guys build up inside of your base. You can send them to another base by clicking, and then everything from that one base will go wherever you clicked. To turn it into move mode, you click your base and then you drag it to another one. An arrow forms and every guy that you make gets sent to the base that it is pointing to.

Harder than it looks.

These changes make for a very interesting game. First, you have to think about covering your tail. Second, tactically you have to think about how many different connections you have to have. There is a pause button, and you can even issue commands when paused, which allows you to take your time and think, a noticeable upgrade from the other games of this ilk. I found that the smaller levels were harder than the bigger ones, if only because there is a smaller margin for error.


There were only a few bugs in this game. First off, this game is very simple. You only have to worry about using your mouse to click or click and drag. That’s it. However, sometimes things were a bit clunky. Sometimes if you simply clicked on a base that was storing, it would send a bunch of guys to another base. At best this is annoying, at worst you lose the level.

As it stands, there is only one level of difficulty. I would have liked to see a little more variation. However, that’s really my only gripe. The graphics were an awesome 80’s throwback, and this game is beautiful in its simplicity.

Final Verdict

This one took me about an hour or so to get through. I was surprised by how often I lost a level. Sometimes you get so caught up in individual battles that once you win them, you realize that another color has taken over the rest of the map and you are totally screwed. A blend of strategy and reflexes.

Little Stars for Little Wars


Battle for control of planets. Don’t let your guard down.

Game: Little Stars for Little Wars | Developer: Kendja

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