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Multiplayer Game Reviews

May 11, 2010

Eukarion Tales

Filed under: Adventure & RPG, Free, Linux, Macintosh, WindowsHeath @ 08:03

It certainly is cold out here.

It is very cold in the setting of Eukarion Tales. However, the high council has tasked you, so it is up to you to chop as many goblins in half as you can. That is the premise of Eukarion Tales. You run around in the snow and chop goblins.


If you have played Diablo, then you can skip this part. It is pretty much the same game. For those of you who haven’t this is going to be a blast. You move your guy around by clicking with the mouse. If you see a bad guy, you click on him and your guy goes over to him and starts chopping until the bad guy is dead. You can turn this feature off. This is something you will want to do if you learn any magic. Anything you pick up gets sent to your inventory. That’s when things get fun.

Half of this game is manipulating your stuff so that you get the best stats and have the best weapon. You have your general inventory, but you also have your belt. Items on your belt are activated with a hotkey. So, for example, if you had a healing potion, if you keep it in your inventory, you have to click the inventory button with your mouse and then double click the potion. If you have it on your belt, all you have to do is press the corresponding hotkey, and there you have it. You are healed.

Gracious, that was quite a row.

You can upgrade your armor and your weapons. This can be done by picking up items or buying new things with money. Not only that, but killing things gets you experience points. When you reach a certain point, you level up and you get to spend points beefing up your guy’s base attributes. So, yeah, it’s like every RPG ever made.


What really impressed me was the scope of this free flash game. With most RPG flash games, you can figure you have about 2-3 hours of solid playtime. Not so in this. This is a real game. The graphics are smooth. There are none of those weird visual bugs that crop up in these games and there are even off-site guides and map repositories.

The one thing I would have liked is an active map. I get lost in these games, and it’s kind of a pain to have to switch to another tab to figure out where I am. But seriously, that is my only beef with this game. The visuals get kind of repetitive. I get tired of bloody patches of snow rather quickly, but honestly I was too busy killing goblins to care.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a Diablo-esque RPG to play in your browser, baby this is the game for you. It will not disappoint. The upgrades are balanced, the bad guys are menacing and there is animated blood.

Eukarion Tales


RPG set in a medieval fantasy land. Kill goblins. Save the kingdom.

Game: Eukarion Tales | Developer: PM Studios

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