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Multiplayer Game Reviews

May 9, 2010

Ghost Guidance

If you hit one of those things you will blow up. BABOOOOM!

Ghost Guidance

This may be a stretch of the imagination, but in ghost guidance you are a virus. You are the first AI that can guide spaceships. Not only that, but you can blow up the ship you are inhabiting and then cruise in a ball of energy to another spaceship. Physics definitely supports the idea that this is possible. Be careful though, every time that you blow up or decide to jump ship, you lose some of your energy. When you run out of energy, well, it’s game over man. The army deems you too dangerous to get loose, so naturally they are going to destroy you.


This game has easily one of the shallowest learning curves ever. The arrow keys move you around. The “a” key shoots, and the “s” key self destructs the ship you are currently inhabiting. That’s it.

Believe it or not, that little guy will be fine. Those big ships fire at diagonals. Would you want a ship that fired that way?

The game is divided up into checkpoints and then bosses. The bosses are tough actually. You have to be tenacious to beat them. I found that a strategy of always shooting and not dieing was the winner.

It seems pretty easy until the last level, which is pretty tough actually.


The graphics for this game are really cool. When you blow up something it descends in a firey cloud of smoke. I don’t really get the physics of this game though. I suppose the gist is that you have a superior AI, but the better part of the antagonists are mindless drones. Not only that, but when you inhabit them, they don’t always shoot the same way that they did before. For example, the main drone that I inhabited just seemed to drop bombs of fire behind it as its only weapon. If you were in front of it, you were fine. However, when you inhabited it, it fired forward. Does this make sense? No. Forget it though, it’s a video game.]

All told, this is a great way to kill some time and blow up some bad guys.

Ghost Guidance


You are an AI that can take over ships and shoot things.

Game: Ghost Guidance | Developer: Nic Daniel

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