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Multiplayer Game Reviews

April 29, 2010


If you are illiterate, you may want to find another game.


Have you ever wanted to have your own country? Do you like having armies at your beck and call? Well have I found the game for you. Cybernations is an browser based multiplayer game where you manage your country, form alliances and, should you see fit, obliterate other countries.


One thing that’s great about this game is there are many things to do. Unlike other browser games, where you have a few rescources that you have to build up in order to get more things to kill people with, Cybernations has many options for gameplay. For example, if, in your alliance, you want to be the guy that makes a lot of money (you’ll be a bank basically), you can buy a lot of land and tax the you-know-what out of it. Or, you can be super kill guy. You have control over your government type, currency (this doesn’t matter, but it is funny to use the dong) or the tax rate. It is important to be involved in your alliance. There is even a Senate where leaders of alliances can be voted into positions which will give certain groups preferential treatment.


Blah blah blah nukes blah blah blah tanks.

This game has a steep learning curve. There are so many variables that it is very hard to get lost. However, there is a very extensive user-base that will guide you through it all. You interact with the world, like in many browser-based games, through drop down folders and inputting numbers. There is no real time movement, so reflexes are not the name of the game.

Unlike many other browser based games, I would say that the technical aspects of this game are the easier part. It is the gameplay that is more subtle. This is not necessarily a game where more time = winning. Playing smart is the name of the game.

Although it’s arbitrary, you can choose the location of your nation, and it grows bigger with the more land that you buy, which I think is cool. In fact, many people will attack you based off of where you choose to start your civilization.


You can play this game on any level. There are people that are fanatical about it, and then there are the weekend warriors. The best part? You can play this anywhere you get an internet connection. I would say that this community is very strong, if only because alliances and diplomacy are the lifeblood of this game. If you are looking for something where your on-line social skills will come into play, I would choose this game. Be careful, you will start it intending to play for half an hour a day, and then you will find yourself spending all your breaks on it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.



Text-based nation building in your browser.

Game: Cybernations | Developer: Planet Realm Online Gaming

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