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Multiplayer Game Reviews

April 26, 2010

Line Ball

Filed under: Free, Linux, Macintosh, Puzzle & Casual, WindowsHeath @ 06:32

Navigating the large intestines.

Your parents were wrong about computer games. They can help you think. Take Line Ball for example. As with the best flash games, the premise is simple. You have to get the small ball to the big ball. Getting it there is the problem. See, without problems, there would be no games. Without games, there would be no internet.


You get the ball from point A to point B by drawing a line with your mouse. Seems simple enough. Well, then there are natural course problems, such as walls. On top of that, gravity does not always go in the same direction. In fact, you can switch gravity by clicking your mouse while the ball is rolling. Many of the puzzles can only be solved by the timely switching of the gravity, making this both a thinking and a reflexes game.


Silly Gravity, up is the other way.

This game is very pleasing visually. The lines and balls are a glowing red which is set against a deep blue background. Your eyes will not hurt after the hours you invest in this game. Yeah, this is one of those that takes over your soul. How hard could it be to get a ball to another ball by drawing a line? You will find out.

I didn’t so much like the pacing of this game. It went from zero to hard almost instantly. There didn’t seem to be much progression. It may be that sometimes I got lucky with my solutions to the puzzles, but who knows. I am always a fan of any game where you have to use free form puzzle solving to beat it. Some games give you a limited span. In this one, the levels shows you your limits and then says, “have at it”.

Final Verdict

Great game. Start this game early in your workday. Play until you get frustrated and then leave it in the background. You’ll be back. Oh, you’ll be back. There is no penalty for messing up, so you can hide it even if your boss comes clomping around the corner.

Line Ball


Get one ball to another ball using your mouse and a little bit of imagination.

Game: Line Ball | Developer: Emanuele Feronato

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