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Multiplayer Game Reviews

April 24, 2010

1100 AD

Let the Games begin!

1100 AD

Do you like knights and medieval stuff like that? Do you like building up resources and then using those resources to buy units to kill things? Do you like immersive online games? Boy do I have a game for you, 1100 AD. In the vein of Travian and AstroEmpires, you play this game through your browser. You start off with nothing more than a wooden castle, and some places where you can dig up some resources. If you develop things right, you will have yourself a nice little dukedom.


In terms of online games, this one has a steeper learning curve. I found it very hard to find my way around this game. For example, after I registered for the game, not only did I not receive an e-mail, but I was not given a link to choose my server. I had to go back to and re-login. Very counter intuitive.

I frequently found myself comparing this game to Travian. Everything just feels a bit clunkier. Often times you click on something, and it does not register. In addition, the menu system is a bit hard to understand. I often found myself having to go to outside resources to get more information.

A well defended city.

You build up resources by upgrading a series of buildings, centered around your main castle. For every level you upgrade the buildings, they look better. Very cool.

On top of that, this is browser based, so you can play it any where in the world where you can get a decent internet connection. Yes, even on the ISS.


Although this game has a rather steep learning curve, it hands down has the best tutorial of any browser based multiplayer game that I have played thus far. It walks you step by step through your opening developments, giving you specifics on where to click for each action. Plus, you get free stuff for doing it.

Once you get going, it’s a lot of fun. While you don’t get to watch your guys move around, it is still done graphically and through the GUI. In many of these games, you have to manually enter numbers, which is a huge drag, and really takes you out of the whole thing.

I would also venture to say that this is a very balanced game. You have to make a lot of choices about how to distribute your resources. In addition, building troops is not so much about how many attack points you get per resource, but rather what type of unit would be best against a certain enemy.

Final Verdict

If you’ve been experimenting with browser based, immersive games, but got bored because they were not very pretty, or you had to manually enter a lot of numbers, then this is the game for you. Plus, if you have a thing for the Middle Ages, like I do, well, then it isn’t really a question.

1100 AD


Immersive, browser based multiplayer game based in a medieval setting.

Game: 1100AD | Developer: Amber Games


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    That looks pretty cool. I played both Travian and Evony but I never tried this!

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    Comment by noblemaster — April 24, 2010 @ 20:51


    I luv this game very well balanced and extremely addictive!

    by the way who r u in the game?

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    Comment by alskdjfhg343 — August 8, 2010 @ 10:17


    I don’t play anymore actually. I’ll agree about the balance, but these games tend to take over my life, so I’m kind of on a hiatus right now.

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    Comment by Heath — August 17, 2010 @ 18:52

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