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Multiplayer Game Reviews

April 18, 2010

Zombie Racing

Filed under: Free, Linux, Macintosh, Sport & Racing, WindowsHeath @ 06:09

Zombie Racing

This dude doesn't joke around. His hair is fire and there is a skull on his car AND his belt.

Imagine a world where you race, and the natural obstacles are zombies. Imagine, then, that you get points for hitting these zombies, points that are critical for winning races against other characters who have tattoos. That’s the premise of Zombie Racing.


I'm way off track here, but you get the idea.

This is a racing game, so nothing I am going to tell you is going to be all that different from any other racing games. You use the arrow keys to navigate. In addition to this, you can pick up obstacles such as oil, water and bombs and drop them behind you. These things stay on the course the entire time, so only use them when it’s critical or during the last lap.

You also get nitrous oxide, which, like any boost, can be a double edged sword. Use correctly, it will blast you into first place. Used poorly, you’ll spiral out of control.

Yes, part of this is running over zombies. This is easily the best part. It is gruesome, and it is hilarious.


Honestly, this game is lacking in many respects. First, the graphics are not the best. The cars are blocky, and the background looks like it was rendered by a an N64. However, everything else is very well done. The zombies are cartoonish, and there are random bits of cartoon violence.

One weakness this game has is that there are only 3 drivers. I like there to be a lot of vehicles. This leads to more fights, better competition and it’s always awesome when you lap someone.

I can waste days on a good racing game. This one has a razor thin margin for error. You can be miles ahead, but if you hit oil or a bomb, baby, you’d better hope you have a lot of NOS.

Final Verdict

If you like racing games, this may be for you. You don’t have to worry about upgrading that much stuff. All you have to do is run over zombies and get across the finish line as fast as possible.

Zombie Racing


Drive fast. Run over zombies.

Game: Zombie Racer | Developer: Gamezhero

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