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Multiplayer Game Reviews

March 30, 2010

Super Mario Bros. Star Scramble

Filed under: Arcade & Retro, Free, Linux, Macintosh, WindowsHeath @ 06:23

This is the home screen. Yes, I am almost out of lives.

Super Mario Star Scramble

Super Mario was never really accessible to the casual player. Yeah, you could pick it up and play a couple levels and then go back to your Cheetos and Mountain Dew, but you couldn’t complete the game in, say, an hour or so. That is, until flash games came along. Super Mario Star Scramble is not the Mario that you are used to. For starters, you complete levels differently. In Scramble, you start a level, then you have to seek out a certain number of Stars, then you have to make your way back to the door that you came from.

Levels are short, only allowing you 90 seconds to work with them. Don’t let that fool you, these are tricky puzzles. You still have to contend with koopas and not falling into ravines. And you still can go through tubes. But it stops there. This is the thinking man’s Mario. Playing through it a number of times, I died because I ran out of time, as I simply had not solved the puzzle.


This is a pretty game. It is not large in its scope, as the levels are short and all the material is re-used. I was not a fan of the music either. It was a shoddy 8-bit remix of previous themes. For a flash game, it doesn’t look that bad, and the characters integrate with the background.

Gotta get that star!

Scramble only has 3 buttons, backwards, forwards and jump. Yes, when you go to the home world, you go through a door by pressing up, but that’s about it. There are really not that many things to interact with in the game either. Technically speaking, this is not a very interesting or well formed game. One time I saw a koopa walk on air. Stupid, cheating game.

Final Verdict

This game is worth your time if you are a casual player who is looking for a puzzle game to pass the time. Although it tests your reflexes to a certain degree, if you are looking for a huge challenge this is not it.

Super Mario Bros Star Scramble


Gameplay: ★★★★☆ 

Technical: ★★★☆☆ 

Fun flash Mario knockoff with a twist.

Game: Super Mario Bros Super Scramble | Developer: Super Mario

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