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Multiplayer Game Reviews

March 6, 2010

My Green Clay Tree

Filed under: Free, Linux, Macintosh, Puzzle & Casual, WindowsHeath @ 06:07

My Green Clay Tree

You can almost see the thumbprints.

This is an elegant puzzle game that tests your spatial awareness, your ability to plan ahead and your ability to believe that fairies can climb buildings. The premise of this game is simple, get the fairy to the tree. Yes, dear reader, there’s a catch. The fairy can’t touch the ground.

So how do you get around? The fairy moves around two ways. If there is an adjacent tower, you can move over to that. Or, if there is enough empty space next to the tower, you can knock it over, and then walk over the fallen building to another tower. Its pretty simple.

You get unlimited undoes, unlimited lives and you can revisit any level that you want. This game really goes over the top in its aesthetics. The game is done in claymation style, which gives it a feel that I have never experienced in other games.

What are you supposed to yell when you are knocking a building over?

In addition, there is Ragtime style music playing all the time, and it is not on a 3 minute loop. If you’re a fan of Scott Joplin and “Wallace and Grommit”, this game is for you. Plus, at the end of every level, you get a fun fact about trees.


Not going to lie, the controls take a little getting used to. However, you get unlimited do-overs, so in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter. Once you’re three levels in, the controls are second nature. The learning curve is very shallow, and the fun:complicated ratio is heavily in favour of fun.

Final Verdict

This is a well crafted game that uses its simple premise to allow great attention to detail in all of the X-factors. It took a unique idea, a fairy going after a tree by knocking down buildings, and made it a truly spectacular game by outsourcing its design.

My Green Clay Tree


Get the fairy to the tree. Knock down buildings.

Game: My Green Clay Tree | Developer: La Ventanita

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