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Multiplayer Game Reviews

January 31, 2010

The Wonderous World of Pet Society

Filed under: Free, Girl's Choice, Linux, Macintosh, Puzzle & Casual, Simulation, WindowsNina S. @ 00:01

Main Screen

Sometimes I find it so easy to fall into the trap of Facebook applications. There are literally thousands of them, cluttering up the air like flies hovering over the garbage, constantly reminding you of how wasteful and lazy you are. The problem with a lot of these applications isn’t the main idea that they tried to go with. Applications often are meant for casual gamers, so in theory as long as you have anything addictive and enthralling enough to make individuals lose huge chunks of time without realizing it you should be gold, right? Wrong.

Where the majority of these games fall through Playfish’s Pet Society holds strong. It’s a fairly simple game in itself: you have this pet; you need to take care of it. That’s all you’re required to do to “win” at Pet Society. It’s not a high maintenance idea. What keeps you interested is all the perks to having a pet. There are dozens of shops in which you can spend the money you make with your pet on things that are pretty. Yes, gentlemen, pretty is the name of the game with Pet Society. Your goal (while simultaneously not killing your pet) is to surround it with lovely things to interact with.

Playfish does an amazing job at keeping it’s game updated. Once a week it brings out a slue of shiny objects that you may or may not want to spend time earning the coins for. A new outfit, some new furniture, cool food that you can prop up in the kitchen you made. This game not only offers you incentive for beautifying your surroundings but as you continue to play it you find yourself with more rooms and additional perks to fill your time and, of course, to buy items for.

Now, with the constant updating of things you can put INTO your house Playfish realizes that its costumers will want more than one way to make said coins to spend. One of my favorite things about Pet Society is that there are so many different ways to work for that shiny new bed with the pink covers and the canopy. You can fish, garden, visit friends, run races, and even cook for those precious coins. Unlike other applications that REQUIRE you to have so many friends in order to do anything, Pet Society encourages you to do so but at the same time it pays attention to those individuals who do not wish to whore themselves out on the “friend train” in order to have fun in a virtual game.

Lottery Screen

Pet Society


A social game that doesn’t require socializing!

Game URL:
Developer: Playfish

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