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Update 0.9.17 - Reworked the Balancing & Graphics, Fixes...
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Author:  noblemaster [ 15 Mar 2017, 23:31 ]
Post subject:  Update 0.9.17 - Reworked the Balancing & Graphics, Fixes...

Latest Update:
  • Large Re-Balancing/Graphics Update: download the new Mediterranean Sea map to play-test :-D
  • Graphics: mini-HUD for troops/villages improved.
  • Graphics: some clutter removed to improve readability of map.
  • Graphics: some re-coloring done to make important parts stick out more!
  • Graphics: improved zoom-in & zoom-out with different levels of details depending on zoom level.
  • Mediterranean Sea 1.0.0 (new): another experimental map without food. Please note some panels are re-arranged (e.g. trading) due to food missing.
  • Mediterranean Sea 1.0.0 (new): tiles are now colored based on the nation that owns the tile. This is experimental for now.
  • Mediterranean Sea 1.0.11 (LEGACY): some clutter removed (e.g. farmland tiles).
  • Mediterranean Sea 1.0.11 (LEGACY): bakery not required anymore when building a market.
  • AI: number of messages reduced, to remove the spamming feel!
  • Pricing Changes: +5 coins/login per day (instead of +1), +10 coins/login on Monday (instead of +6), -5 coins to CREATE multiplayer games (instead of -2). Maps are 100 coins cheaper.
  • Pricing Changes/Reasoning: the new system will allow you to get new maps for free earlier. You will be able to obtain the e.g. mini world map now priced at 100 coins within 20 days (i.e. 20 logins) instead of 6 months compared to the old system. Although the cost of creating new games has increased, the coins per days has increased 5-fold replenishing coin balances quicker.
  • Cost for new clan: now 500 coins (was 2000 coins).
  • Cost for name change: now 250 coins (was 1000 coins). Please note, for a first name change, simply message the moderators and we will change it at no cost!
  • Modding: experience of troops can now be edited. Please use the latest template.ZIP provided on the official web site.
  • Camera Movement: speed increased ~3x to actually arrive at the action location before the action ends :)
  • Troops Movement: speed slightly increased for movements & battles.
  • Joinable Games List: can now be sorted by (a) players, (b) latest and (c) name of the games.
  • Redo-Button for Blitz: the [Redo]-button for Blitz games is gone. It causes potential synchronization issues. Use the Undo-ALL button in-game instead.
  • Rated Games: only count as rated if 2+ human players are playing.
  • Disjoining Games: the disjoin has an additional checkbox now that needs to be selected to disjoin to prevent accidential game disjoins!
  • Event Calendar: shows blinking indicator light if events are upcoming very "soon"!
  • News Section: there is now a latest news section above the public wall (multiplayer).
  • Clan Memberships: there now is a 72h period in which a player cannot leave or be kicked from a clan (to prevent abuse).
  • Clan Memberships/Guide: please note that joining/disjoining a clan to circumvent the clan restrictions can get your account flagged or more (see Guide for details).
  • Rankings: the Top 100 rankings can now be downloaded as a comma-delimited CSV text file. Click the [Download]-button on the rankings page!
  • Messaging: messages sent to and from the "Moderators" group cannot be blocked. Otherwise we are not able to respond to inquiries!
  • Guide/FAQ: laymen's description added to how the rating system works (where it links to the Wikipedia's Glicko rating system page).
  • Guide/FAQ: text updated for rating inflations when playing against the AI.
  • Guide/FAQ: speaking other languages besides English in the chat/wall/etc.
  • Guide/FAQ: please be nice to the moderators - read why!
  • Admin Option: moderators can now ban players from the chat for an arbitrary number of minutes as needed (not limited to 7 minutes only anymore).
  • Admin Option: moderators have now the option to manually adjust player's ratings (for players trying to manually inflate their ratings).
  • Admin Option: moderators have now the option to manually adjust a player's awards.
  • Translations: latest translations added. Thanks :-D
  • Translations: glyph-list updated (e.g. Lithuanian characters added).
  • Server: tracking improved & security hardened (failed logins/account creation).
  • Server: inactive users (no login for 6+ months) will have their profile picture reset to none. That's to reclaim database disk space. This has no negative side effect beside a player that didn't play for a very long time to have to re-create their profile image. All other data including ratings etc. will be preserved.
  • Modding: you can now enable/disable nation coloring, i.e. if enabled tiles will be colored based on the nation they are owned by.
  • Modding: due to the changed HUD-type, enable the checkbox "Offset Troop HUDs" if your troops overlap the troop HUDs & the numbers are not visible anymore.
  • Modding Wiki: moved to a static page (as I was the only one editting anyway).
  • Android/iOS: pinch-zoom functionality implemented for map :)
  • Fixes: misc. spelling corrected.
  • Bugfix Chat: some usernames were non-clickable in chat (parsing fixed).
  • Bugfix Steam: allowing multiple games using the libGDX-backend to access Steam functions at the same time (before, Steam wouldn't work for a 2nd game that is running).
  • Bugfix: mouse cusor for touch-scroll didn't always properly reset to mouse-pointer (was still the 'hand').
  • Bugfix Harbors/Ships: ships can now only be built if there is a harbor on the tile.
  • Bugfix Translations: error that no valid translation was provided fixed (rare cases).
  • Bugfix Scaled Rendering: some render artifacts removed.
  • Bugfix Tournaments: tournament game setup could break if a perfect number of players would join, e.g. 180 players for a 30 players per game and 5 players advancing.
  • Bugfix Crashes: during game startup (loading inventory).

Author:  Seshadrijr [ 23 Mar 2017, 21:01 ]
Post subject:  AWESOME GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:kg: :kg: banana banana banana :happyx: :happyx: :partyyy: :partyyy: :p :p :pal: :pal: :pal:

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