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 Post subject: Update 0.9.7 - Festivals, Elections, Open Travel/Friendly
PostPosted: 23 Dec 2016, 20:12 
Game Developer
Game Developer
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Latest Update:
  • Game Option: Open travel through friendly territory! If enabled, you can move troops through ally/protectorate territory. If your troops are caught on non-friendly territory, you will get a penalty each turn for those troops.
  • Game Option: Elections. The most powerful nation can hold occasional elections (feature ported from Age of Conquest IV). Most powerful means 30+% of territory and a 5+% lead to second largest nation.
  • Balancing Tax/Commerce: it's now linearly based on happiness. The happier your population, the more income (still no income if happiness is <50%).
  • Balancing Attrition: if troops are on non-open territory (or non-friendly) they receive a -25% strength penalty per turn. Indicated by blinking "!".
  • Balancing Attrition: the old way for attrition has now be deprecated (legacy). You can still enable it in the game setup, but the feature is rather convoluted.
  • Balancing Happiness: there is no more happiness loss if a settlement becomes neutral. Penalty reduced for settlements that get a new owner, now at -8% (was -12%).
  • Balancing Happiness: there is no a governor option that automatically increases provinces with <50% happiness. A festival can be held every turn as well to increase happiness overall.
  • Population Option: on the finances tab, there is the option to hold nation-wide festivals to grow the population.
  • Mediterranean Sea (1.0.6): defaults to closed travel now, but open travel through friendly (allies/protectorates) now.
  • Mediterranean Sea (1.0.6): defaults to legacy-attrition disabled.
  • Mediterranean Sea (1.0.6): tax/commerce income slightly increased to balance income effects due to happiness changes.
  • Mediterranean Sea (1.0.6): balancing city repairs: cheaper & can now be fully repaired with 1 click (if not under siege)! However, the cities do not auto-repair themselves anymore!
  • Mediterranean Sea (1.0.6): starting assets (except food) increased to 400 (from 200) for gold, wood, iron and stone.
  • Mediterranean Sea (1.0.6): balanced city structures upkeep costs (non-gold).
  • Negative Gold: a -10% loan penalty is applied each turn gold is in the red!
  • Diplomacy/Peace to Alliance: there is no more penalty when upgrading a relation from Peace to an Alliance.
  • GUI Update: some functionality moved or even removed (happiness, attrition, military spending).
  • GUI Chat + In-Game Info (multiplayer): refined.
  • GUI/Tax Season Notification: now takes you directly to the finances panel to adjust taxes.
  • GUI Labels: long nation names/etc. are now abbreviated with an ellipsis...
  • GUI: misc. refinements & other improvements (less clutter, better organized).
  • Joined Longhaul Games: exiting a longhaul game will go back directly to the other longhaul games (rather than the multiplayer dashboard).
  • Modding (Editor): added additional scenario parameters that can be adjusted via GUI!
  • AI Update: wasn't calculating stats correctly (based on 4 days/month rather than 1 day/month) for Mediterranean Sea map.
  • Client: improved file loading/listing & tried to make it more smooth (System.gc() removed). Might produce problems???
  • Game Auto-Deletion: faster for games that have ended.
  • Server Maintenance/Improvements: misc. to simplify updates.
  • Server Dashboard (Admin only): improved /w additional statistics.
  • Bugfix Commando Unit: if an attacking commando-unit lost, the country wasn't given to the defender.
  • Bugfix Camera Functionality: they file paths were not always correct on all platforms.
  • Bugfix Messages: messages of eliminated nations are not delivered anymore.
  • Bugfix Assets: prevention of negative food, wood, iron and stone.
  • Bugfix Auto-Deletion of Scheduled Events: some auto-started games from the event system would delete automatically in some cases due to mistakenly thinking the games were inactive!
  • Bugfix Display: Happiness/Inhabitants Growth was not displayed correctly.
  • Bugfix Parser: when parsing links and email addresses.
  • Bugfix Crashes/Modding: when increasing the grid-size, the editor & game would crash (should work now).
  • Bugfix Crashes/Modding: will now throw an error if an invent/estate definition is missing.
  • Bugfix Crashes: while selecting/hovering over links.
  • Bugfix Crashes: when showing game information that became unavailable ('null').

play: Age of Conquest IV

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