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 Post subject: Update 0.9.6 - Quick Join, Scheduled Events & Bugfixes
PostPosted: 13 Dec 2016, 23:06 
Game Developer
Game Developer
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Latest Update:
  • Quick Join (BETA!): There is now a [Quick Join] button which will auto-setup games for players! No more searching for games, just enter the pool and wait for enough players to join. Games will begin as soon as enough players are waiting in the pool. :)
  • Scheduled Events (BETA!): We now have scheduled events! We will kick it off with "Mayhem Friday". Throughout the day, we will have scheduled fast games every 3h! Other events TBD. Please note this is still considered a late BETA, so please be warned!
  • Diplomacy Exploit (Fixed!): the system limits a player to max. 1 diplomatic message to another nation (at a time). This prevents artificially inflating your happiness. If multiple mutual requests are accepted between 2 nations, only the first request is accepted and the second one will not be applied.
  • Leader Capture: will give the land & moneys directly to the capturer when it happens (not at the end of the turn).
  • Mediterranean Sea (1.0.5): Chariot strength increased.
  • Mediterranean Sea (1.0.5): food decay increased to 5% (was 2%).
  • Game Listing (multiplayer): reworked all the panels to combine rooms/make more sense (hopefully) :-D
  • Game Filter (joinable games): can be filtered by clan/no clan also.
  • Tournaments/Leagues: Announcement button added to tournament/league lobby (to invite player).
  • Broadcasting icons update for games & tournaments/leagues.
  • Medals & Trophies: giving out tournament/league trophies & more game-awards now.
  • Ranks based on Olympics format: if there are e.g. 2 players sharing the 1. place the third player will be placed in 3. place (not 2.).
  • Game Invites: show the map name also now!
  • Editor/Modding: nation icons are now cropped, so they always appear rounded (you don't need to do it yourself anymore).
  • Tournament/League Pages: improved incl. LIVE-stats!
  • In-Game Walls: please note that for tournaments & leagues the wall will now show the overall discussions (not just for that game).
  • In-Game Information: showing the tournament/league info also!
  • Joinable Games List: required ELO min & max rating for a game displayed also (if set).
  • Networking: slightly faster game listing (joined/joinable).
  • Admin Inbox/Pictures: there is now a "Save As..." function to save pictures. Some pictures are too large to display, so saving them to the hard drive first is the option to go.
  • Server: performance & deadlock improvements (DB).
  • Language RU: updated - Thanks :-D
  • Bugfix Food Decay: food does not decay anymore in the market/trading. Instead your non-market food is decayed instead. If you have no more food, only then is your market-food decayed.
  • Bugfix AI: does not ask to join war for nations that are already dead!
  • Bugfix Loading into Ships: loading into ships should now also work when the ship is in a harbor!
  • Bugfix for Background Daemon (Android/iOS).
  • Bugfix Editor/Modding: nation's flag icons if added manually are now requesting the correct dimension (was wrong!).
  • Bugfix (Admin): refreshing/updating a user account should refresh the display correctly (no double).
  • Bugfix Crashes/Editor: should report missing module.config parameters (NULL-nation/league) when updating creating a map.
  • Bugfix Crashes (Android): added "screenSize" to the AndroidManifest.xml to prevent the app from being destroyed during screen exit!

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