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 Post subject: Update 0.9.3 - Balancing Healing/Repairs/etc. & GUI
PostPosted: 23 Nov 2016, 18:33 
Game Developer
Game Developer
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Latest Update:
  • Trading: display simplified & improved to show the total volume & min/max prices from last turn.
  • Repairs (City): cities not at 100% strength proportionally affect commerce & taxation income. The lesser the strength, the lesser the income.
  • Balancing/Mediterranean Sea (1.0.3): bugfixes (e.g. wrong bridge spots).
  • Balancing/Mediterranean Sea (1.0.3): walled cities have +100% the defense strength.
  • Balancing/Mediterranean Sea (1.0.3): healing speed increased (at least 50% if used).
  • City Buildings: are now also show in the "Villages" tab (overview list).
  • City Display/Repair: a repair-icon is flashed over the cities that need repair.
  • City Display/Burning: the city was sieged or is under pillage.
  • City Display/Smoking: the city's happiness is below the threshold (<50%).
  • Protectorate Strips: they always show now (not just for a player's own protectorates)
  • Overview Map: improved by using hexagons for rendering.
  • Overview Tabs (Cities, Troops & Production): improved the display (better readable).
  • Diplomacy Exploit (fixed): 2+ players could switch between e.g. Ceasefires & Alliances continuously to artificially increase their happiness without any penalty. Additional happiness penalties added to prevent the exploit/cheat.
  • Smilies: "/emots" lists all the available smilies!
  • Smilies added (see /emots!) :-D
  • Tournaments/Leagues: a notification with the final standings will be sent to the owner/creator once a tournament or league ends!
  • Translation Keys: missing keys added (mostly for the awards).
  • Manual (in-game): updated (only a few parts).
  • Graphics: optimized (shrunk in size).
  • Bugfix: city building button was enabled even if there were not enough funds!
  • Bugfix: Tournaments/Leagues that have already started are hidden from the joinable games list!
  • Bugfix Crashes: while creating troops/structures.
  • Bugfix Crashes: resetting tile ownership for certain tiles crashed the game.

play: Age of Conquest IV

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